About Me

Hey there, I'm so glad you are here! I want to welcome you to The Classy Chaos - my outlet for sharing all things classy and chaotic in my life.

I wear many hats on this earthly journey, often times more than one at a time. I'm wife to one amazing husband and mom to three adorable boys. Never is the laundry all done or the house completely clean. I loved math so much growing up that I chose accounting as my career. Now, I spend my week days analyzing this and calculating that.

By the grace of God, I am a Christian - saved and on my way to heaven without a shadow of a doubt. Despite the fact that I continuously fail Him, He has never failed me.

I love to read. I abhorred the Kindle at first, but now it is a weakness. It is so easy to start another book, one right after another. Bonus, it syncs with my phone, so I can read anytime it's convenient. I have few TV shows that are a must see: NCIS is my absolute favorite.

I have always lived on a farm. I am not always thankful for the time and work it requires, but I do love my boys growing up in the country around hard work, equipment and livestock. Plus, they just have more room to play.

Life is always a bit chaotic, and I can promise you that I wouldn't have it any other way. The challenge is staying classy through the chaos.