Friday, August 28

finally an august friday favorites

Happy Friday, Sweet Friends!! 

It feels like forever since I’ve joined Erika in sharing a few favorites from the week, so this week’s download may span more than just this past week. 

Part of my absence lately has been due to the majority of my spare time being spent in the garden or in the kitchen preserving it’s bounty. 

After this past weekend, I can say for the first time ever that I canned 39 quarts of green beans, 7 quarts of sweet corn, and 7 quarts of tomato juice over the summer. I also froze 15 quarts of corn and several bell peppers. 

Monday, August 24

help club for moms fall 2020 devotional

Do you know what today is?

Today is August 24th, and the official start of The Help Club for Moms devotional! 

I have been awaiting the start of this study because more than ever, I feel like I could use all the “help” I can get when it comes to being the mom I need to be for my family. 

God has entrusted me with three precious little humans to raise in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, and if I’m honest, I sometimes feel overwhelmed by the responsibility. 

Tuesday, August 18

all things currently

Hello Sweet Friends! 

I am enjoying some unusual quiet time this afternoon. Our electric went off earlier today rendering it impossible for me to work remotely. So I improvised, packed up my desk and the boys, and headed to my Farmer’s grandparents - where low and behold, we discovered the electric was on but the internet was not. 

So as my Littlest Farmer naps and there’s no access to the outside world other than the old fashioned landline, here I sit enjoying a bit of downtime, realizing it’s also the perfect time to catch you up on all things currently. 

Let’s start with the garden since it’s taken up the majority of my free time lately. I mentioned in my last post how I canned for the first time. Well, it’s become somewhat of an addiction.