Friday, July 31

friday favorites: homesteading edition

Happy Friday, Friends! 

I’m linking up with Erika to share a few favorites from the week. Keeping it short and sweet today as this week has been kind of chaotic for me. 

My oldest Little Farmer had his first camp out with friends last weekend. We thought for sure they’d end up inside before the night ended, but they actually made it through! They roasted hot dogs and made s’mores. I might have eaten three - they’re a favorite of mine.

I canned more green beans last night. I stayed up way too late getting nine more quarts done. Even after midnight, that “pop” sound is oh so exciting! Especially after I gave up on the last one, and as soon as I laid down, I heard it seal. Sweet dreams! 

Over the weekend, I decided to repurpose the diaper changing table into a storage shelf for the beans. We have some closet space under our stairs. It’s super convenient and out of the way making it perfect for storing my canned goodies. I love how it turned out.

Nugget is becoming so much more playful and loves attention. It’s completely fair to say we are all smitten with this kitten. 

Lastly, we finally made time to pick up some new chicks. We’re so excited about these sweet little things. There are eight, four Rhode Island Red and four Buff Orphington. They’re so much fun to watch right now. I think my Little Farmers could stare at them all day! 

Well, it’s time to kick off the weekend. Lots on the agenda. Make sure you’re keeping up on Instagram, I’ve really stepped up my game in sharing the day-to-day excitement! 

Have a wonderful weekend, Sweet Friends! I appreciate you! 


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  1. I love s'mores....I'd definitely eat 3 of them! So much cuteness on your farm with Nugget and the chicks! Have a great weekend!

  2. How sweet camping out with friends! The hotdogs and s'mores sound so yummy! How nice to grow veggies and then have them to can in jars! I love fresh veggies. Nugget is so adorable. Take care and have a nice Friday and weekend.

  3. I love following along on Instagram. The camping sounds so fun, and s'mores are definitely my favorite too!

  4. Nugget is adorable! Happy canning! I grew up with my mom canning lots of salsa and pickles.

  5. What a darling kitty!! We have one - Purrsnickitty - who looks like a grown up Nugget.
    Oh, home grown/canned green beans. Would love to help you eat them.
    Those chicks are pretty darn cute, too. Are you raising eggs? Is that how you put it? Raising eggs?

  6. Those chicks are adorable, and yay for a campout and lasting the whole night outside <3

    Green Fashionista

  7. What a great way to repurpose the diaper table!! Awe, Nugget is precious, as well as the new baby chicks. And how fun for your sweet boy to have a campout... that's awesome that they stayed out all night!! (And I LOVE s'mores too!!)

  8. What a fun camp out night and Nugget is precious!

  9. The camping set up looks so cute - I bet they stayed up all night (or most of the night) talking?! Looking forward to seeing how you go with the chicks - are they going to be egg layers?

  10. Can I come visit. I want hot dogs and s’mores.


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