Friday, July 10

friday favorites: bursting at the seams

Happy Friday, Sweet Friends!

I'm linking up with Erika to share a few favorites from the week. Sometimes I feel like I have nothing to share, and other times I wonder how I'm going to get it all in one post. This week just so happens to be one in which I am bursting at the seams to share all the good things from the past several days.

First - I picked a ton of beans Thursday morning. We also dug up a few potatoes and I fixed them both for dinner. It was our first meal from this year's garden, and it was delicious. I cannot wait for the corn to be ready to pick.

We noticed on Sunday morning that Cricket and her kitten had disappeared. We deduced that she must've been frightened by the fireworks that we'd set off the night before. Off and on throughout the day, we called for her and searched places we thought she might hide, all to no avail. Finally, Sunday evening she appeared, but no kitten in tow. It took her a couple of days to feel safe again, but on Tuesday evening when we arrived home, she brought her back to us. It really is the cutest little thing.

Last year I planted a butterfly bush when I redid our landscaping. I've come to enjoy watching the butterflies flutter about while I'm working from my kitchen table. I managed to capture a photo this week. So pretty.

I never paint my fingernails. I sometimes will paint my toes, but most times feel like it's more upkeep than it's worth. However, for the 4th of July weekend, I had a hankering to paint my toes red. Not sure where the desire originated, but it just sounded festive. I loved the color, but my favorite part about the whole endeavor was that after I was finished, I looked down at my feet and was instantaneously reminded of my grandmother. She always, always had red polish on her toes, and she never left the house without putting on a swipe of red lipstick. I hadn't thought about that in years. I even remember painting her toes for her once when she wasn't able to. I think I'll keep the red for awhile. Such sweet memories. 

So, my Littlest Farmer gets car sick very easily. It seems to have worsened now that we're rarely going in the car anywhere. Lately we've been visiting my mom for a couple of days each week, and the drive is over an hour and very curvy. He has gotten sick every single time, and more than once each time. I checked with his doctor on what we could do for him, and he suggested children's Dramamine. My Littlest Farmer took the medicine this week when we traveled and never even got nauseous! What I loved was that it didn't knock him out either. If you've got a little one that gets motion sick super easy, this stuff is life changing.

I've been doing a little amazon shopping over the last few weeks. I am completely in love with this straw hat and these sunglasses.

I picked up this Lands' End Tankini Top in navy and the high waisted bikini bottoms in gold. I love the color combo. Both of these are on sale too.


My Farmer was in need of swim trunks, and I caught these on sale. He gave them two thumbs up!

Does anyone else have a cup thief? I feel like ours disappear left and right. I gave these a try and we love them. They're the perfect size, the colors are pretty, and they're easy to grip.

I picked up a set of thank you cards after Dad's passing. I wanted something classy and pretty to send, and these were perfect.

Big gardens need longer hoses. It's been so hot and dry here lately, I'm thankful we have this 100 ft long hose. I picked it up in preparation for having to water our tomato plants, and it has sure come in handy this week. It's one of those snake like hoses. It just moves and wiggles on it's own. It's kind of creepy, but it goes the distance!

In case you missed it, I shared a little bit about how we came to be the hosts of our annual family reunion and what all went into preparing for the event. It includes a glimpse of our homestead as well.

Well, that about sums up the week. God has been so good. I have several verses I want to share with you soon, but I’ll keep it to just one from this week that touched my heart. 

I would love to hear some favorites from your week! 

Oh, and I’m trying to do a better job of sharing photos throughout the week on Instagram. If you are not following, I’d love for you to. Facebook just sort of picks and chooses who sees what - it’s strange. Also, if you haven’t subscribed by email, you can do so here

Happy Weekend! And thank you so much for stopping by! 


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  1. Our green beans have been coming in right now, too. I love that gold bathing suit bottom! Have a great weekend!

  2. What a sweet memory of your grandmother! I rarely paint my nails as well, but whenever I do happen to do it I really enjoy it! And that straw hat is cute! I've been looking for a sunhat myself and that looks like the one I'd been looking at!

  3. There's nothing like garden fresh veggies (mine don't come from a garden, HA! but Farmer's Markets!). The kitten is sooo cute! And I love that Cricket moved her away from possible danger. I love your hat. I have been searching for a summer straw hat, but I haven't found any that I like on me. Have a great weekend!

  4. I just love those thank you notes...thanks for the link. My son used to get motion sickness, and we always used that Dramamine and moved up to the adult version when he was older. Now he has outgrown it thank goodness. Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. I like those cups. So pretty. My daughter got really bad motion sickness on a trip and I think I need the dramamine for trips like that. Those green beans look amazing! Have a great weekend.

  6. Those green beans look delicious!! What an adorably kitten. I think it's so sweet that your toe nail polish reminded you of your grandmother. I don't think my grandmother ever wore any but she definitely wore nylons with her sandals (a look I'd rather not copy).

  7. Sounds like a great week! I could eat green beans and potatoes fresh out of the garden every single day for dinner. Not exaggerating! I never paint my fingers but also need polish on my toes. Go figure. Also - go figure why I decided on green just before the Fourth. What a goof! Did you pick a name for the kitten? I'm so glad they came back:) And I'm going to order those thank you cards (and maybe the glasses too)!!:)

  8. We have had a ton of green beans coming in. Yours look delicious! I love the straw hat and sunglasses! Happy Weekend! :)

  9. Your bean and new potato salad looks gorgeous - I can see that delicious butter on there too, yum! Cricket and her kitten are heart-melting - did you name the kitten yet? I need some of that travel sickness medication - it seriously stops Caspar wanting to go anywhere (and me too sometimes). I am note sure if they sell that here but I am looking on Amazon as the stuff we have makes us feel woozy and weird. Poor C, last school trip he was sick 7 times during a gale on a ferry to Normandy. Love your outfit and hat and glasses! Love your note cards, but I am so sorry to hear you lost your father recently, that must be tough.

  10. Jealous of your veggies, they look delish. Such a sweet kitten story and love that bathing suit!

  11. It's so fun to cook with food that you grew on your own! We haven't been able to eat anything from our garden yet- but the tomatoes have started turning red and one zucchini is just about ready to pick. I'm jealous of all of your beans! That's such a sweet memory of your grandmother. ❤️ Also, those sunglasses are adorable!


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