Thursday, May 21

i want to remember

Earlier this week, my father went home to be with the Lord. And those who know me well understand that my ability to remember is not one of my strengths. However, expressing my emotions through words is. So, as time passes by and the memories become more difficult to recall, I don't want to forget. I want to remember.

I want to remember...

How proud you were of the Red Angus cattle you raised.

That you only drove Chevrolet trucks.

The way you loved my Little Farmers unconditionally.

How you loved your mother with ferociousness.

The way you threw your head back when you laughed.

That every vehicle you owned had to be white and have burgundy interior.

How you loved to hunt and fish. 

The first time you took me hunting.

How you loved fresh tomatoes from the garden.

That you always called me Rose or Rosebud.

How you talked so loudly when you started to lose your hearing.

The times I rode in the tractor with you to bale hay.

That John Deere was your choice of farm equipment.

How proud you were the year my 4-H steer won best home bred steer because he was a product of your farming.
The time you taught me to ted hay and squashed my fears of turning the tractor over.

How you always sang your own version of Take It Easy by the Eagles.

The year I had my first 4-H calf, a dairy beef feeder, and you helped me watch it grow and prepare it for the fair.

The time you had me pick up walnuts just for fun.

How you had me ride the 4-wheeler through fields to dig up rocks that might damage the mower blades.

The way you kept everything in pristine condition, neatly kept and all things in their rightful place.

The time you played Pie in the Face with my Oldest Little Farmer only because he wanted you to.

That Vinegar Pie was your favorite.

How you made me read the Owner's Manual before surprising me with a car after my high school graduation.

That your favorite channel was The Weather Channel.

The day you walked me down the aisle and gave me away and then cried as I said I do.

How you wanted nothing but the best for me.

That you loved the sausage cheese dip and peanut butter fudge that I would make around the holidays.

How proud you were to be chosen as a stop on the county farm tour.

That you always sang to me Daisy Bell (Bicycle Built for Two).

The times you brought calves into the garage to nurse them back to health. 

That you always had suggestions for improvement after my games.

Bringing lunch to you in the field during hay season.

That your favorite chair was the recliner.

How you didn't love unnecessary noise.

The unexplainable, unconditional tie that bound you to my mother. 

That you taught me the value of hard work and discipline.

How you wouldn't allow me to have passengers for the first six months after I got my driver's license.

The way you treated your cattle as pets and named all of them.

Passing you on the road when you were working, hauling gas or equipment.

How you always made sure one of us put flowers on Nanny's grave. 

Riding along side of you in your gas truck. 

How you taught your children to have dreams, to follow them, and to work hard to make them a reality.

How I am so much like you.

I am proud to call you my father. I know you were not perfect, but you loved and were loved in return. I am proud of all that you accomplished. You may be gone from this earth, but you will never be forgotten. I know my grandparents and my uncle welcomed you with open arms. I know you are enjoying the farm God has for you and the Red Angus cattle you're tending to. I know that you will forever be loved, and that I will always be proud to be called your daughter.


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  1. God bless you. You are in my heart.

  2. A lovely tribute. My only real memories of your dad were more than 33 years ago when he delivered gas to my grocery store.

  3. I'm so sorry to hear, Trista. You will be in my prayers during this time. What a lovely way to remember him.

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. This was a beautiful and heartfelt tribute to your dad.

  5. Oh gosh, Trista, when you posted on your IG that you were sharing memories, I had no idea you lost your father. I am SO sorry!!! I am going to be praying for you and your family. I can't even imagine the heartache you are experiencing. This post was so, so sweet and a great memorial to your dad.

  6. What is Vinegar Pie? I am sooooo sorry for your loss. I saw it on Instagram and was sending you hugs and prayers for your family. I love this tribute to him.

  7. I am so sorry! What a nice way to keep these sweet memories of your dad. I'll be praying for you in the days ahead.

  8. SO many wonderful memories! My husband and his family only drive Chevy (or GMC) brands too-- which now extends to my car. We love PB Fudge but I have to ask... what is vinegar pie?


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