Friday, August 28

finally an august friday favorites

Happy Friday, Sweet Friends!! 

It feels like forever since I’ve joined Erika in sharing a few favorites from the week, so this week’s download may span more than just this past week. 

Part of my absence lately has been due to the majority of my spare time being spent in the garden or in the kitchen preserving it’s bounty. 

After this past weekend, I can say for the first time ever that I canned 39 quarts of green beans, 7 quarts of sweet corn, and 7 quarts of tomato juice over the summer. I also froze 15 quarts of corn and several bell peppers. 

Monday, August 24

help club for moms fall 2020 devotional

Do you know what today is?

Today is August 24th, and the official start of The Help Club for Moms devotional! 

I have been awaiting the start of this study because more than ever, I feel like I could use all the “help” I can get when it comes to being the mom I need to be for my family. 

God has entrusted me with three precious little humans to raise in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, and if I’m honest, I sometimes feel overwhelmed by the responsibility. 

Tuesday, August 18

all things currently

Hello Sweet Friends! 

I am enjoying some unusual quiet time this afternoon. Our electric went off earlier today rendering it impossible for me to work remotely. So I improvised, packed up my desk and the boys, and headed to my Farmer’s grandparents - where low and behold, we discovered the electric was on but the internet was not. 

So as my Littlest Farmer naps and there’s no access to the outside world other than the old fashioned landline, here I sit enjoying a bit of downtime, realizing it’s also the perfect time to catch you up on all things currently. 

Let’s start with the garden since it’s taken up the majority of my free time lately. I mentioned in my last post how I canned for the first time. Well, it’s become somewhat of an addiction. 

Friday, July 31

friday favorites: homesteading edition

Happy Friday, Friends! 

I’m linking up with Erika to share a few favorites from the week. Keeping it short and sweet today as this week has been kind of chaotic for me. 

My oldest Little Farmer had his first camp out with friends last weekend. We thought for sure they’d end up inside before the night ended, but they actually made it through! They roasted hot dogs and made s’mores. I might have eaten three - they’re a favorite of mine.

Friday, July 24

friday favorites: garden goodness and kitten cuteness

Happy Friday, Friends! 

Do you feel like the week following vacation is a challenging one? 

I feel like this week has kicked my tail. Getting caught up with work, coming home to a garden that’s bursting at the seams with veggies AND weeds, children who are technically still on vacation, and hot hot hot weather. Combine those with a brain that doesn’t seem to be in optimal working order yet and a mama who feels overwhelmed, and the world wins. 

I’m so thankful His mercies are new everyday. Today is a fresh start! My prayer is that I am a better version of myself today than I was yesterday. 

I do have a few favorites from the week. So, I’m linking up with Erika to share.   

After being away for a week, the garden had grown exponentially. Green beans galore, peppers run amuck, and finally the start of red tomatoes. Our pumpkins and watermelons also seem to have exploded, crawling out of the garden and into the yard. I’m so excited about all of this garden goodness, but that also means there is lots of work to do. 

Monday, July 20

vacation at pine knoll shores, nc

Well Friends, I’m dropping in today to share some highlights from our family vacation. 

We spent the past week basking in the sun and playing in the ocean at Pine Knoll Shores, NC, and it was absolutely perfect. 

We waited last minute to reserve a property due to the uncertainties surrounding COVID-19, but ultimately opted to quarantine shore side for a change of scenery. 

We stumbled upon a town home in Pine Knoll Shores via VRBO. We worked with the realty company that held the property to secure our reservation, and I can’t say how wonderful enough they were to work with. If you’re ever heading in that direction, touch base with the folks at Realty World - First Coast Realty. 

As part of the Crystal Coast, the waters at Pine Knoll Shores were a beautiful emerald green and the clearest we’ve ever seen the Atlantic Ocean. The beach was clean and had plenty of space for all beach goers, most of which were families.

Friday, July 17

friday favorites: creativity and social media progress

Hey, hey sweet friends!

Friday has arrived and I’m linking up with Erika to share a few of my favorites from the week. 

I was introduced to the Canva app and I am loving it. The graphics are so much more fun than my random photos or default backgrounds. I’ve created a couple of my own graphics for some verses that I have loved this week.

Friday, July 10

friday favorites: bursting at the seams

Happy Friday, Sweet Friends!

I'm linking up with Erika to share a few favorites from the week. Sometimes I feel like I have nothing to share, and other times I wonder how I'm going to get it all in one post. This week just so happens to be one in which I am bursting at the seams to share all the good things from the past several days.

First - I picked a ton of beans Thursday morning. We also dug up a few potatoes and I fixed them both for dinner. It was our first meal from this year's garden, and it was delicious. I cannot wait for the corn to be ready to pick.

Monday, July 6

reunion recap + a glimpse of the homestead

Hey hey, Sweet Friends! 

Even though I don’t usually stop in on Monday’s to share our weekend highlights, I do believe this past one is worth making an exception. 

A little background first. 

Our family holds its annual reunion every year on the 4th of July weekend. It has always been kind of a big event. Lots of people, great food, games, fireworks and just loads of fun for everyone. 

At the end of the 2018 reunion, my Farmer raised his hand when someone asked for a volunteer to host the following year’s festivities. I wasn’t near him at the time and didn’t immediately register what he’d done, but once I did, I was like “oh boy, what did he just get us into?”

So in the Spring of 2019, my Farmer built an equipment shed onto our existing barn, as well as what we later named, the Conference Room. 

The shed is beautifully built and houses various pieces of hay equipment 363 days a year. However, one weekend of the year, all the equipment is pulled out and tables and chairs are set up in their place. 

Friday, July 3

friday favorites: welcome to july

Welcome to July, Friends!

Is anyone else struggling to accept the fact that we are more than half way through 2020? I mean, it occurred to me that I've worked from home more this year than I've been in the office. That seems so surreal.

Funny story - I took my Middle Little Farmer for his annual check up yesterday, and it had been so long since he'd been to town that he honestly couldn't remember where the doctor's office was or recognize the route we take to get there. Crazy.

Anyways, Friday has arrived and I'm linking up with Erika to share a few favorites from the week.

Found these rubber boots on Amazon, and my Littlest Farmer loves them. I'm hoping the eyes can help him recognize when he has them on the wrong feet.

Tuesday, June 30

twenty questions: all about the blogger

Happy last day of June, Sweet Friends!

Can you believe July is already here? I'm struggling a little to grasp that concept. We've been in quarantine since March, and as of right now, it looks as though I'll continue working remotely through the month of July. Even though things are starting to open back up in Kentucky, our daycare is still only open to essential employees. Surprise, finance is not deemed essential, and honestly, I'm okay with that. I am also incredibly thankful to work for a company that is willing to accommodate its employees and their families during times like these.

I digress... moving on.

Now, let's get to know one another better. I realized it had been ages since I'd done an about me post, and since those kinds of posts are some of my favorite kinds to read, I decided to throw a little party. I hope you'll join us. Grab the image and add your link below. Not a blogger? Share your answers in the comments. The more the merrier!

Sunday, June 28

let’s have a party

It’s been ages since I’ve done an about me post; and since those kinds of posts are some of my favorite kinds to read, I decided to throw a party. 

I created this list of twenty questions to give you some insight into the author of this little space of mine, and I’d love it if you’d join me. Please share so others can join too. It’s tons more fun when there’s a party in getting to know one another just a little bit better. The more the merrier! 

Party starts Tuesday, June 30th. Grab the image and join in on the fun.

1 - Introvert or extrovert? 
2 - Favorite movie?
3 - Arrive early or late?
4 - Last book you read? 
5 - Favorite holiday?
6 - Pet peeve?
7 - Food you refuse to eat? 
8 - Favorite fast food chain? 
9 - How do you keep fit?
10 - Morning person or night owl?
11 - Favorite drink? 
12 - Irrational fear? 
13 - Go-to snack? 
14 - Strongest sense? 
15 - Fictional place you’d like to visit? 
16 - Kindle or actual book?
17 - Last movie you went to see? 
18 - Favorite season? 
19 - Beach or mountains? 
20 - Favorite cereal? 

Have a blessed Sunday! 


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Friday, June 26

friday favorites: name that kitten

Hello Sweet Friends!

I am so happy to see Friday arrive. I've neglected this little space of mine lately more than I'd like, but the height of budget season has been upon us and deadlines have run amok. I do see a light at the end of the tunnel though. And I have a growing list of things I want to share when time permits. Until then, let's keep it short and sweet with a few favorites from the week.

I packed up my Little Farmers this week and headed to my parent's for a coupe of days. Having my mother and niece around to help with the kids while I work was such a blessing. My Little Farmers thoroughly enjoyed the change in scenery, and honestly so did I. This was my view while working. Knowing my Dad had sat in this very location while working on his computer brought on all the feels.

Friday, June 19

friday favorites: call me productive

Happy Friday, Sweet Friends! 

I am so ready for the weekend. This week has been a little tough on the work front. I secretly love budget prep season, but it can totally drain you. So, this week’s favorites will be ultra short and sweet. 

I finished The Giver of Stars by Jojo Moyes. It had a bit of a slow start, but once I climbed that hill, I couldn’t put it down. It takes place in South Eastern Kentucky and tells the story of an English woman who is swept off her feet by a Kentucky mine mogul’s son. She settles down in the States, and she and a handful of other women establish a library service on horseback. The story explores the culture, the obstacles, and victories these wonderful women experience. Five stars for sure. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The Giver of Stars: A Novel

Friday, June 12

friday favorites: let it grow, let it grow, let it grow

Hello Sweet Friends!

Anyone else as excited to see Friday as I am? I know the past few weeks have been covered with God's grace and perfect timing, but they have also left me exhausted.

As most of you know, my father passed away a little over three weeks ago. Then last weekend, our family said goodbye to my Farmer's grandfather. In the midst of these trials and in an effort to keep myself distracted during my spare time, I've immersed myself into making the gardens perfect and purging toys and clothes. I think the constant motion has finally caught up with me, and I'm ready for a weekend to relax and decompress.

So, on deck for the weekend is The Giver of Stars, a couple of good runs, and a whole lot of porch sitting. But first, let's kick it off with a few favorites from the week.

It was hot and dry for several days in a row here in Kentucky. That's the perfect condition for working in the hay. Anyone else love the smell of fresh cut hay??

Tuesday, June 9

the trenches of motherhood

I have a confession. 

Sometimes I feel like I’m navigating the open waters without a compass or crawling inch by inch through the trenches. At times I feel lost, helpless, and defeated. I often ponder on where I’ve gone wrong, what I should have done differently, and whether any damage I’ve caused is irreparable. 

Then, with a simple observation of camaraderie between siblings, a brief display of affection, or an expression of compassion or servitude, the moment passes, and feelings of joy, pride, and thankfulness surge. I am reminded that even though I am not perfect, I am not a failure either. 

Friday, June 5

verses of encouragement

Lately, my prayer has been that God would draw me nigh unto Him, continue to increase my faith, and speak to me through His word.

He has been answering that prayer, and as this week leaves me with a heavy heart, I'd like to share with you the verses from the last few weeks that I've found particularly meaningful. I hope you'll find some encouragement in them just as I have.

Friday, May 29

friday favorites: thank you

Happy Friday, Sweet Friends! 

First and foremost, I want to thank each and every one of you for keeping my family and I in your thoughts and prayers, for your sweet words of encouragement, and continued support through this difficult time. The grief that comes with the loss of a parent is unexplainable. I cannot fathom trying to bear this burden without my Lord. The grace, comfort and peace that only He can provide is priceless and what’s kept me sane through all of this. Knowing my father is in His presence is everything. If you have never made the decision to accept Christ as Saviour, I plead with you to do so today. If you’re not sure what that means or have questions, please reach out to me and I will do my very best to help. 

Now, onto my favorites from the past week!

Thursday, May 21

i want to remember

Earlier this week, my father went home to be with the Lord. And those who know me well understand that my ability to remember is not one of my strengths. However, expressing my emotions through words is. So, as time passes by and the memories become more difficult to recall, I don't want to forget. I want to remember.

I want to remember...

How proud you were of the Red Angus cattle you raised.

That you only drove Chevrolet trucks.

The way you loved my Little Farmers unconditionally.

Friday, May 15

friday favorites: chock full of goodness

Hello Sweet Friends!

I am usually terrible about taking photos throughout the week and never remember what happens one day to the next, but this week I strayed from the norm and brought my A-game. So grab your coffee or Diet Dew and get comfy, because this Friday Favorites is chock full of favorite things to share.

I am the proud new owner of this Huffy Beach Cruiser. I posted on Facebook that I was in search of a gently used mom bike and within hours this beauty became mine. Riding with the boys is so much more comfortable now, and we have tons of fun.

Wednesday, May 13

how i became a runner

It's been almost two years since I embarked on my weight loss journey to a healthier me, what I dubbed #operationnomorefattyboop. You can read what motivated me here and read through my progress here. But what I'm sharing with you today is not about the thirty pounds I lost or the ten that I've gained back since, it's about how I became a runner as a result of this endeavor.

First, let's cover a little background.

I was an athlete all throughout high school. I played volleyball, basketball, and even ran track. I could sprint with the best of them, but I was NOT a runner. I vividly recall the one time I had to run the mile at a track meet due to an absent teammate - I was certain I would die before finishing. I continued to be active through college, playing volleyball and intramural basketball. Then, I graduated and entered the workforce.

Friday, May 8

friday favorites: my first in 2020

Happy Friday, Sweet Friends!

Today I'm linking up with some lovely ladies and sharing my favorites from the week. 

My azaleas are blooming and my first rose of the season appeared. Red is my absolute favorite.

Tuesday, May 5

10 books you need to read

digital clock

I went on a bit of a binge reading spree while on my blogging sabbatical. According to my Goodreads log, I read thirty-nine books during the past year and a half. I swear I feel like I missed a couple, but then again who's counting?

Anyway, today I'm sharing my favorite ten of those thirty-nine. None of them received five stars, but all of the ones I've included below I rated a solid four stars.

As a point of reference, I have very few books with a five star rating. Five star books are those that I can still remember vividly no matter how much time has passed, and they are typically books that I will read more than once. Four star books are those that I thoroughly enjoyed and would definitely recommend. However, with the passage of time I won't remember much about them nor will they go in the que for a second read.

So without further ado, here are ten books (in no particular order) you should add to your reading list if you haven't already.

Saturday, May 2

the prodigal blogger returns

Hello Sweet Friends!

In case you've forgotten, my name is Trista and I've evidently been on sabbatical for the last eighteen months.

When I logged in, I was honestly kind of shocked to find my blog still intact. I had forgotten how much I loved the design and the layout. How I had worked tirelessly on getting it just right. Funny how you can work so hard and so long on something and then just walk away from it, huh?

In the most simplest of terms, life happened. You can only bare so many burdens and responsibilities and stay afloat for so long without taking stock of what's important to you and consistently balancing and re-balancing. The failure to do so leads to unplanned disappearances from the blogosphere for extended periods of time. This isn't my first offense, and yet I'm still unsure as to whether or not I have learned my lesson.

If I'm honest, I'm a little uncertain about being here. The only creative bone in my body is writing and I've missed using it. I suppose you might say I'm testing the waters. For one, are you even still out there?! And two, can I balance the time I put into this little space with everything else vying for my time and attention?

I want to. I really do. I have so much to share with you. I mean, I could blog for days - I have 548 days worth of life that I haven't shared. Not to mention, I'm sitting here thinking of so many of you and wondering where life has taken you. So, here's to a reunion and a restart!

I hope you'll say hi - your presence would encourage me to continue. And if you have any wise words of advice to share on how you balance it all, bring it on!

Happy Saturday!


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