Friday, November 30

friday favorites: wish list of a thirty-something

Happy Friday, Friends! In some ways I find it hard to believe it's the last day of November, and in other ways I feel like it should already be the middle of December. Is the timing of Thanksgiving throwing anyone else off kilter? I surely hope I'm not the only one.

Well, I managed to craft an update this past weekend and shared our life lately chaos on Monday. Be sure to stop over and see what we've been up to. Since the week has been a pretty quiet one, instead of the normal favorites, I'm going to share what I've been crushing on lately. I hope to find one of these lovelies underneath my Christmas tree. Bonus, these will serve as great gifts for the ladies in your life if you're still in need of ideas.

My thoughts on these lovelies...

If I could have only one of these items, my first choice would be the gloves. I already have the matching beanie, and gloves were the one thing I desperately wished I'd had when I ran the Turkey Trot last week. Every other part of me stayed warm except my hands.

My Littlest Farmer is still in the phase where he picks up everything he finds in the floor and tastes to learn what things are. With two older brothers running amuck, the floor always needs vacuumed and I'm often scrambling to get it done before whatever ends up in my Littlest Farmer's mouth. This robot vacuum will change my life and reduce my stress level. I just know it.

I love the color of this Under Armor sweatshirt. And fleece just sounds so warm and cozy right now. It's a bit colder than normal for November Kentucky weather and I'm struggling to get warm.

My friend embarked on the journey of being a Beachbody coach. She loves the Shakeology drinks and I have a packet to try. What I don't have is a blender. How is that even possible?

I'm getting old, and flats aren't cutting it anymore in the cold. I'm not comfortable wearing tall boots to work, I just can't bring myself to accept them as professional, but these booties would be. And my ankles and feet would be much warmer if I had them this winter.

I'm terrible about never wearing socks, inside or outside. So, slippers for the house are a must. Who could pass up these cozy ones that have Trista in the name of their style? They were made just for me, clearly.

I've been crushing on North Face jackets, and I just love this yellow. One of the folks that cuts our grass at the office always wore this bright yellow rain jacket and I've wanted yellow ever since. I really think it'll complement the red Hunter boots, don't you? I need these boots to keep my booties and flats from getting wet and dirty.

I came across the Under Armor shorts while perusing and thought they'd be a nice addition to the rotation. Plus, they'd match the sweatshirt. I need to be warm and look good while I run, right? (insert eye roll here).

Which of these is your favorite? What's on your wish list?

Hope your weekends are phenomenal! We've got a packed one ahead. Basketball games, a trip to see Santa, Jack the Elf should return from the North Pole, and my Oldest Little Farmer and I are heading to A Christmas Carol performance at our local theater.

Until next time... stay classy through the chaos!

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  1. UA and The North Face are always wins at our house. Happy Friday babe!

  2. Those are some really cute picks. I really like those gray boots.
    x, Julie |

  3. I love all of these picks! I love my red hunters!

  4. SO many good things in this list! I love the Denali jacket and those Under Armour shorts! And the Nutri Bullet is on my list, too! Happy Weekend, friend!

  5. Those items would make some great gifts! Anything from North Face is always a win!

  6. I love this items. Thank you for sharing this.

  7. Wow, good looking boot if you want Rain Boot then click here and buy now.


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