Tuesday, September 25

month two update

It has been eight weeks since I embarked on my weight loss journey, and I am pretty stinkin' excited to share that I have met half of my goal already. Long-term, I am shooting for 30 lbs and as of today, I'm down 15.3. Insert happy dance here.

It definitely hasn't been easy, it's been a struggle most every single day. Making the choice to say no to snacking, sweets, pop, fast food, and junk takes a concerted effort on my part on a daily basis. The little victories keep me motivated, as well as the words of encouragement from friends like you. So, thank you!

Day 1 / Day 28 / Day 56

Highlights from the past two weeks: 

Little Victories: My most notable victory from the past two weeks is the progress I've made with running. This past Saturday, I was able to run for 20 minutes straight. Bonus, I didn't feel like keeling over. I'm anxious to see how much progress I can make in the next two weeks since according to the app, I should be 5K ready by then... Oh, and did I mention that I've officially dropped two sizes in pants and one size in tops? Can we insert another happy dance here? I think we can!

Regrets: The last two weeks have been challenging workout wise. Either life happened or rain and I wasn't able to get in the runs I wanted to. It can be very discouraging, so I really need to schedule/plan more effectively so that I can workout around life and rain. I've also slacked on the water consumption.

Workout Days Completed: Five 5K Runner workouts for a total of 9.59 miles. I had hoped to do all six, but weather and life happened... again.

Days Over 10,000 Steps: Six.

Weight Lost: 1.2 lbs for a total of 15.3.

Next Month’s Focus: Increase water consumption as well as get all 5K Runner days in as intended.

Now onto Month Three. I'm going to scale back a bit on how often I provide updates. My last posts share how I'm approaching this weight loss journey and why, not much is changing at this point. As I continue to meet milestones, I will keep you posted!



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  1. 2 pant sizes?? That’s awesome!!

  2. You look beautiful in all the pictures, but you can see you moving toward your goal with each picture you share. Way to go, Trista!

  3. Another great update!! Congratulations, you look wonderful and can definitely see the difference!! I am at a 10 lb loss, thanks for the encouragement as well!

  4. You are doing awesome!! That's amazing you are half way to your goal. Keep up the great work! Sierra Beautifully Candid

  5. You are looking great girl!!! I know it's hard, but keep up the good work. You have every reason to feel accomplished and proud!!! XO

  6. Good job! Now wear something form fitting to celebrate and so it’s blowing everyone’s mind at the work you have completed thus far!!!!

  7. You are rocking it! I see such a difference this month - you re glowing! Wishing you all the best! (And needing to join you on this fitness train!)


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