Monday, September 24

life lately

Well Friends, life happened and I haven’t been able to post as often as I would have liked this past month. So, today will be a life lately post sharing some of my chaos favorites. 

Earlier this month, we celebrated my Middle and Littlest Farmer’s birthdays. I can’t believe they are already four and one. We celebrated super hero style and although it was pure chaos having a dual party, it was totally worth it. 

We’re about a month into football. My Oldest Little Farmer is playing in the QB position and loving it. His first game ever, he ran for a 40 yard touchdown. I was so proud I cried. I thought I had captured it on video but must not have hit record. I was so bummed.

If I’m honest, part of my absence in the blogosphere is due to the reading binge I’ve been on. I seem to do one or the other instead of a balanced mix of both.

Bossman was really sweet and threw me for a few surprises here and there. I flew through Birthday Girl - I could not put it down. Fangirl was good but slightly predictable and a little too YA for me. Heat Wave is the perfect beach read, and All We Ever Wanted was eye opening and thought provoking from a parental standpoint. I’m trying to decide what’s up next. Any recommendations? 

Last week, I had my first real car wreck. By the grace of God, we are all okay. I had all three Little Farmers with me and we were headed to football practice. I was in the right lane on a four lane highway. The left lane was closed for construction. I went to turn left and drove straight into a passing truck. He wasn’t supposed to be there, the road was closed. But nevertheless, I should have looked before turning. My window shattered and the front driver’s side is pretty “broken,” so says my Middle Little Farmer. Angels maneuvered my car after impact without a doubt. God is good. 

I missed last week’s weight loss update, but hope to get one out tomorrow. I’m so proud of my progress and even more excited at the potential of getting to run my first ever 5k. I ran for twenty minutes straight this weekend. My 5k Runner app says ill be ready in two weeks, we’ll see about that. Even in my best shape while playing sports in high school and college, I was always a sprinter - never a long distance runner. So, this is big for me. 

I am struggling to find the right skincare. I put away the R&F a few weeks ago and tried Beauty Counter. I know some of you love their products, but it did not bode well for me - I’m sending them back. Next up is Kate Somerville - another recommendation from a friend. I am currently waiting for those to arrive. In the meantime, I decided to change my makeup routine. I stopped by Ulta one day last week and ended up with a whole new regimen. So far, so good. I think I’d really love them if I could just get my face to clear up! 

Fall is my favorite, and we welcomed it’s debut weekend with homemade vegetable soup. I would have preferred sunshine over rain, but I’ll trust God on that one. The cooler temps, though, are just what I’ve been waiting on. 

Thanks to my progress in my weight loss journey, I did a little online shopping. I love The Gap and you cannot beat their sales and free returns. Here are some of my favorites from this past haul. 

Jean Jacket / Slim Cardigan / Plaid Flannel Shirt / Blue Fitted Boyfriend / Swiss Dot Pullover

Well Friends, I think that about covers the highlights from this past month. I hope you all are well and have wonderful weeks! 


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  1. Ohhh... you have a couple books that I now want to add to my list. I just finished All We Ever Wanted a couple weeks ago and couldn't put it down! Wasn't it good?!? I am like you, either I read, read, read and then don't blog or vice versa. Wish I could find a balance for all the things I want to do. Oh my goodness, I am SO glad you guys are okay! How scary to be in an accident! And sorry Beauty Counter didn't work out for you. I am still using mine hoping to see some changes in my skin.

  2. I'll have to check out all your reads - I haven't read them yet! And I need that concealer stat! xo, Biana-BlovedBoston

  3. So glad you are all okay after the crash! How scary. & I'm so with you on Gap--I just love their stuff. So classic.

  4. I too read Heat Wave this past month! My favorite read of the month though was Kristen Hannah's Home Front. So glad that you are all OK after the accident; that must have been so scary!

  5. I can't believe your littlest farmer is already one. Happy belated birthday to him! I am so happy you all are ok. Sierra Beautifully Candid

  6. I am so sorry about your accident - but so glad that you are all ok. I hope you aren't too nervous driving now - I know how these accidents can shake you up. It's brilliant that you haven't been blogging due to reading - it is a habit that can get pushed to the bottom of our lists too often. Congrats on your little ones birthdays. I love the shirts - especially the green tartan and the blue! Joanne x


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