Tuesday, August 28

one month update: #operationnomorefattyboop

Friends, it’s been one month since I put my foot down and said no more fatty boop. You can read my self pep-talk here. As a matter of fact, I need to go back and read it myself because this past week has been a little tough. It’s been one in which I’d like to eat my feelings and then some. Plus, I had to eat out a few times and attempt to make good choices in the face of so many bad options. Anyone else walk away from office cake, birthday cake pops, and shrimp fettuccine?

One month snapshot. #operationnomorefattyboop.
Highlights from the week: 

Things I Learned: If I take two Advil before my 5K Runner work out, I can push myself a lot harder. I assume the aching in my joints is due to their unuse for so many years, not to mention carrying around the additional weight. I tried the Kind Mini Bars. These are a great afternoon snack - the Caramel Almond and Sea Salt is amazing. Have you heard of Sqwincher Zero? My Farmer brought this home one day and I loved it - I felt like it gave me tons of energy. 

Workout Days Completed: Three. I was able to do all three 5K workouts this week but nothing more. My 5K workout total was 4.77 miles. 

Days Over 10,000 Steps: Three. I was super close to four and even contemplated a jog in the kitchen, but I was just too tired this week. My highest day was Friday - 12,971 Steps. 

Little Victories: As I mentioned earlier, I stared cake, cake pops and other delicious desserts in the face and won. I'm all about occasional indulges, but this would have been more than occasional. It seemed like celebration desserts were everywhere. I had three days when I ate outside the office and successfully focused on fruit and salad.

Regrets: I feel like I ate more this week than in previous weeks. I realize more isn't necessarily bad, I suppose I mean that I found myself feeling stuffed. Plus, I succumbed to Diet Dew more times than I would have liked.

Weight Lost: Or gained. I’m up 0.1 lbs for a total loss of 8.5 lbs. I'm a bit bummed, I'm not going to lie. I splurged little and kept with the basic exercise plan. I'm trusting I'll see progress next week.

Next Week’s Focus: Move more! And try some new recipes. After all of your expert advice, I primed an Instant Pot end of last week. I'm hoping to put it to good use and stay healthy while doing so. Please send me any and all easy, family friendly recipes you love.

Photos from the Week:

One month progress comparison. I see a difference! Eek!

Opting for healthy in the face of non-healthy. Focused on fruit and small portions.

Let's get cooking!

Now on to Week 5. What are you focusing on this week to keep yourself on track? By the way, I would love for you to join me on IG or just follow along - #operationnomorefattyboop.


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  1. Omg! Great changes already- way to go! I need to get back into running. It definitely helps with weight loss. Are you doing strength training?

  2. 8 pounds in a month is AWESOME! Looking good girl! Keep up the good work! XO

  3. 8 pounds is a great accomplishment! I need to give in and get an insta pot. Sierra Beautifully Candid

  4. 8lbs is great!! I can definitely see a difference, congrats!!! I am stuck at about a 6lb loss so I am hoping to make more progress this week. I got an instant pot but have not fallen in love with that thing yet. If you find an amazing/easy recipe please do share!

  5. I totally see a difference!!

  6. Good for you. I definitely see a difference in the photos. Please post instant pot recipes that you love. I need some new ones!

  7. You look so good! 8 pounds is amazing. It’s such a mind game isn’t it. And the struggle is real but your determination will WIN!!! Go girl!!

  8. Keep up the great work, Trista! The small changes you make each day are what make the big difference. That Sqwincher stuff is great, isn't it?!? At my hubby's last job, they carried that in his store, so we had it on hand here at home all the time. I kind of miss it and should order some.


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