Tuesday, July 31

#operationnomorefattyboop: my weight loss journey begins... again

Friends, today is the day I make a change. I am finally tired of being overweight. I mean, I’ve been tired of being overweight for awhile but I’m to the point now in which I’m motivated to do something about it. My weight is affecting my self esteem. I’ve lost confidence in who I am and in my appearance. I know appearances aren’t everything and I sound really vain, but I know I can be more comfortable in my own skin. I used to be, and I’m determined to be again.

Even more than concern for not looking my best, I realize I am not healthy and that terrifies me. I'm not getting any younger. In my high school and college years, I was never skinny but I was in shape staying constantly active with volleyball, basketball or running. I work a desk job, so I rarely move. As much as I’d like to claim that chasing three kids around is exercise, it’s really not. Or by all means, not enough.

I consume tons of pop. Since I do not drink coffee, it’s my go to kick for when I’m dragging. Plus, I just love the way it tastes on ice. I’ll miss it for sure, but it has to go. It’s so terrible for you and it is definitely affecting my waistline and my overall feel good. Plus, I love junk. From candy bars to chips to greasy fried food. All of which are okay in moderation, but should not BE my diet.

So, the motivation has finally arrived. Now, the how. I’m using the ProTracker app. It’s basically a spin off of the old Weight Watchers. I just can’t bring myself to spin money or much of it anyway. I’m also going to try to do the Couch to 5k. My time is limited and what Home time I have, I’m picky about how it’s used. Going to the gym is just not an option. Too much drive time and time away from the boys. This exercise plan I can do at home and with my kids nearby. 

My biggest changes are going to be removing pop from my everyday, drinking more water, minimizing the junk, and exercising. Will I splurge occasionally? Certainly. I love food. Food is a constant and faithful companion. However, it’s my crutch - my vehicle for how to deal. I need to find other outlets when I’m stressed or bored. I want to be a better me. And I don’t want to wake up with heart disease or kidney stones or worse because I wasn’t motivated enough to take care of myself. There’s enough illness out there for me to come face to face with without me aiding in its onset. 

So, Friends. This is my confession, my testimony, my commitment. I’m saying it out loud so that you can hold me accountable. Bring on all the water and packed lunches!! And any suggestions or ideas you have on how to stay motivated and eat healthy in the workplace, please send my way.

On a side note, aren't you loving the outfit I picked up last Friday while on my girls day shopping trip? Gap was having a pretty good sale and I couldn't pass up these floral print pants. 


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  1. Best of luck. What is your goal weight? Steer clear of fruit for a while and snack on veggies and protein. Cut your carb load in half. Utilize weights (3-5lb) in your work outs.

  2. You can do this! I have a nice almost new, stationary bike that you can have. Don’t get discouraged when you plateau.

  3. You can do this! I've lost 13 pounds this summer. Walking & Water were the major changes that I incorporated into my "new" lifestyle.

  4. First off you certainly don't look over weight to me BUT I totally get where you are coming from. If I could lose 10 lbs I know I would feel better about myself. It is just so hard to start and stick with it...ugh! This Starbucks drink I have at the moment of course will not help either but I was so tired...haha Wishing you the best of luck and maybe I can get myself on board too!!

  5. I'm so proud of you for taking a stand and working towards getting yourself to a point where you feel confident and healthy. I've definitely gained a lot more weight with this pregnancy and it makes me worried for all of the extra time I'll be putting in after, but it's so important to feel comfortable in your own skin and on a healthy path. Sierra Beautifully Candid

  6. Congratulations! Not just on making the commitment...but willing to "go public" and have accountability. That part always alludes me (well, so does the weight loss..but that's another comment). I totally get you with wanting to feel better in our own skin! You can do this!

  7. Don't cut fruit!!!!!
    So many people suggest it, but fruit gives you the sweet kick you'll miss from cutting out bad sugar. And nobody on this planet is overweight from too much fruit.

    Cutting out soda and processed sugar and adding in more fruits and veggies will be perfect.

    And as a mom who also doesn't do the gym look up the "walk at home videos from leslie Sansone on YouTube.
    I do the one mile when I'm short on time and 2 mile on days I'm up to it.
    Each mile is approx 15 mins.
    She has 1,2,3 and I think 4 but I've never done a 4.

    She has helped a lot of people kick of their exercise journey over the years.
    And no equipment besides a YouTube playing device necessary.

  8. I second the Leslie Sandone dvds! I also have a couple of friends who love the Fitness By Maggie workouts on amazon. Also, have you tried Advocare's Spark? It'll give you the caffeine but you're also getting vitamins as well!

  9. I am so with you on the need for weight loss. I've been packing fruit, veggies and nuts for snacks and bringing my lunch. I'm only about a week in myself. I'm not doing a formal program like Weight Watchers and I hate having to count calories.....I feel like moderation is key. I also am a huge soda drinker but I've limited myself to one diet soda at lunch. I am trying to get to the gym. My husband tells me I need to do the weight machines. So, I'm trying to go at least twice a week and do one arm day and one leg day. I hear you though about how difficult it is to get there with kids. Good luck. Hopefully we can motivate each other!!

  10. Right there with you! I'm back on My Fitness Pal and am doing a summer shapeup challenge. I highly recommend videos from You Tube. Popsugar Fitness, Rebecca Louise, and Love Sweat Fitness all have grear videos that are do-able at home before or after work.

  11. So glad that you are trying to be healthier! I have never heard of that app before, but I have done C25K before and I loved it. You go girl! You've got this!


  12. Thank you so much for sharing this! I need to join you, I think. I think you look great, (& most people say the same about me), but I also know that the number on the scale is just A PART of the equation and you are the one who best knows about your own health - what you're eating, you're activity level, how you feel. And those things are way important. I'm not where I want to be either - so this is good encouragement for me to get on it, too!

    Wishing you all the best!


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