Saturday, April 21

a saturday share session

Oh friends, I fell off the face of the blogosphere again. It's clearly no secret that I'm struggling to balance it all and make time for everything that I need/want to. But believe it or not, I have found myself with some quiet time this morning and wanted to drop in and say hi - that is if you're even still following this little vacant space!

So, let's see. What sorts of random updates can I share? And I apologize in advance for the lack of pictures. I'll work on that too!

My Oldest Farmer is bottle feeding two calves every day. He rarely complains about the responsibility and handles them like a pro. He even does the feeding (feed and hay) for our bigger calves if my Farmer is late getting home in the evenings. It's baseball season - go team! I'm amazed at how much a difference one year makes. The whole team is playing so much better!

My Middle Farmer is finally big enough to start accompanying my Farmer on farm jobs. He absolutely loves it. He seriously won't let my Farmer out of his sight and refuses to be left behind. He's also starting to dress himself. If he could just get the shirt figured out, he'd be good to go. He is still the funniest thing ever - the things he says and the way he says them. His facial expressions are to die for.

My Littlest Farmer is growing up way too fast. I cannot believe he has passed the seven month mark. He's rolling over like crazy and is not far from crawling. He's the happiest. They say #3 just goes with the flow, and he definitely does. He loves to be swaddled when he sleeps and still loves his DockATot. I really need to work on getting him out of both. Eek! He already has one tooth on the bottom and is currently cutting two on top. Bring on some steak!

I've noticed I go through phases where I alternate between blogging or reading. So far this year, I've spent my spare time reading. Maybe because it's easier. But I've read several books already and will get a post up soon letting you know what fictional worlds I've been living in. Until then, I have to say my favorite so far for the year is Colleen Hoover's It Ends With Us. It's made my all time favorites list for sure.

My friend Megan and I had our first quarterly mom's day out post baby! We spent Good Friday shopping and chatting over cheesecake. It was the best day and am so thankful for the opportunity to have some much needed girl time.

I have learned that the laundry never ends for a family of five. Any tips out there on how to keep it under control? I've started trying to do at least one load in the evenings to help make Saturday not as jam packed.

Does anyone else struggle with keeping your bathrooms clean? Specifically the toilet. One Middle Little Farmer thinks it's fun to pee everywhere except IN the toilet!! And then one Oldest Little Farmer constantly forgets to lift the seat. Ahh!!

I think the weather is finally breaking here in Kentucky. We have gone from 30 to 80 and back again at least a dozen times. I'm so excited to see everything turning green and feel the warmth of the sunshine. Maybe as a baseball mom, I'll actually get some sun!  

Well Friends, those are the highlights. I promise to try and post more often and share some of our life happenings. It is truly never a dull moment around here. Like the day my Farmer brought my Middle Farmer in to get a bath because he fell face first in a bunch of manure or the day that my Oldest Farmer was running full force from the barn because he was terrified of the coyote he heard.

I seriously love this chaotic life. God has been so very good to me.

Okay, until next time!


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  1. What a fun post to read and hear what you are all up to. :)


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