Friday, January 26

oh hey, remember me?

Happy Friday, Friends!! I hope this post finds you well. I’m so looking forward to catching up with you. My sabbatical has been wonderful, but I know I’ve missed out on a ton. 

As for us, it’s been an adjustment for sure in finding our routine, but we are getting there. I’m learning to plan ahead so mornings aren’t chaos, shower at night, use dry shampoo and embrace unstyled hair and ponytails. I must also confess that I have succumbed to encouraging my two oldest Little Farmers into smoother mornings by rewarding them with Rice Krispie treats on our way out the door. Don’t be quick to judge - you’d do it too. 

Since this is my first Friday post in a few weeks, my favorites might be a little all over the place. 

1 || I finally kept all five pieces of my last Fix. The Kut from the Kloth dress pants are maybe the best fitting pants I’ve ever worn. I love the color of the cardigan, and the striped sweater with elbow patches received tons of compliments. 

2 || My middle Little Farmer is three and we are working with him on dressing himself. He’s doing so well, although socks are still a bit of a struggle. This morning while dropping my Littlest Farmer off, the teacher pulled me aside and informed me my middle Little Farmer’s pants were on backwards. I looked and sure enough the Nike swoosh was on his behind. Made my day, and I didn’t bother to change it. 

3 || This fleece pullover is my favorite piece of clothing of the season. I am wearing it every jeans day at work and on every Saturday outing. It is plum beautiful, super comfy, and definitely keeps me warm.

4 || My Littlest Farmer is reaching the age when he smiles constantly and giggles a little. I absolutely love my baby smiles and giggles at the end of the day. He is so happy to see me when I pick him up and it just melts my heart. Plus, the older Little Farmers are starting to vie for his attention - they want to see who can get the biggest smile. 

5 || Julie and I launched our first link up this week. We are hosting it monthly and are calling it Growing in Gratitude. We’re sharing five things we’re grateful for on the last Thursday of each month. Check out the January edition here. We’d love for you to join us. 

 6 || I discovered that I can borrow ebooks through our local library. As much as I love holding an actual book in my hand, it wasn’t quite as convenient as reading on my Kindle app. So, I’m on the wait list for several titles and The Hating Game just became available.  Have you read it?
7 || I haven’t been carrying my Bible to church since the arrival of my Littlest Farmer. My hands are full with the diaper bag and the car seat. It drives me crazy not having it. So, I perused the KJV Bibles on Amazon and found this Old Scofield Pocket Bible. I love it. It seriously fits inside my crossbody, and I promise I can still read the print. No more cheating and looking off my Farmer’s Bible! 

I’m looking forward to a relatively low key weekend. My oldest Little Farmer has his last basketball games on Saturday and aside from church on Sunday, the rest of the time should be a stay in my pajamas kinda time. 

Happy Friday! 

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  1. The Hating Game was a fun, quick read. Happy Friday!

  2. It sounds like everything is going great! I love hat pullover and so funny about those Nike pants. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  3. So happy to see you back, friend! Hooray for a full stitch fix worth keeping! I adore that pullover too! Cute and comfy is the best combo! I plan to join in on the fun of your new link up next month. :) Wishing you and your precious family a wonderful weekend ahead! xo - Brenda // Chatting Over Chocolate

  4. Oh my goodness, every single piece of clothing you shared in this post is so swoony! Glad you are finding a rhythm. I say do what you need to do to survive!

  5. Missed you, missed you! Love that pullover to pieces! I hope all your lil guys are well and you’re enjoying life! Happy a super sweet weekend!

  6. Yay for a great Fix! I kept everything from my first fix and have worn everything multiple times. Love that I got it all delivered to me without having to go shopping for it!

  7. Your Stitch Fix stuff is all really cute! I agree with liking to read an actual book, but a Kindle is super convenient too! Hope you have a great weekend!

  8. I remember you! Glad all is well :)

  9. I totally get the Rice Krispie thing! I may have had a few this week as we were running out the door as well!

  10. I'd like a Rice Krispie treat in the morning. No judging's cereal after all๐Ÿ˜‰. Baby smiles and giggles are the sweetest! Love your Stitch Fix haul. Happy weekend! XO

  11. I thought the Hating Game was just okay. I'm loving all the clothes in your recent Stitch Fix! And that pullover looks so comfy.

  12. Curious to hear your thoughts on The Hating Game- I did NOT like it, but I listened to it from the library and feel like I have to finish most books. I just finished The People We Hate at the Wedding and it was blah. I'm listening to Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng and LOVE IT!

  13. I have a Nike swoosh on my backside - but I put it there myself!! Way to go, middle farmer!! Totally made me smile. And nice looking Fix haul!

  14. Love all of your clothes you got from your fix. So cute. I will check out that book. I need to get on that with my library. I purchase too many books on kindle.


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