Thursday, January 25

growing in gratitude - january edition

Well Friends, I had hoped to return to the blogosphere before now but never could make it happen. I am happy to report that my return to work has actually fared pretty well. However, the days are long and things like blogging and reading and television have taken a back seat to sleep.

Until today... when I am super excited to be hosting my very first monthly link up with Julie. On the last Thursday of every month, we’re going to be sharing five things we are thankful for. We’re calling it Growing in Gratitude and would love it if you’d join us. So grab the image below, share your hearts (get as deep or superficial as you like), link up, and tell your friends. 

By the way, I do hope to get some life updates posted soon, but until then, here are my five for January’s Growing in Gratitude. What are yours?

1 || It’s only been a few months since our kitchen remodel and the installation of my first dish washer. I appreciated it before, but even more now that I’m back to work and have less time in the evenings and bottles and pumpers and pacis oh my to wash and sterilize everyday.

2 || My Littlest Farmer sleeps through the night. I sometimes catch myself taking this for granted when I read or hear how other Mamas aren’t experiencing the same kind of nights.

3 || I love winter; however, I'm not a huge fan of negative temps and driving in seven inches of snow. Over the last couple of weeks, we've had both on separate occasions and for the first time, I've felt very aware of the dangers of breaking down or crashing while traveling in such conditions. I am so thankful for God's hedge of protection while we commuted during those times and then just the normal, everyday travel. 

4 || So much sickness is going around, and we were three for five for the flu right around Christmas time. By the grace of God and He alone did my Littlest Farmer not end up with it. I’m continuing to pray that we all stay healthy. 

5 || Kroger ClickList has saved my sanity now that I’ve returned to work. I can just order my groceries online and pick them up afterwards. No fighting crowds or wrestling children while trying to do our weekly shopping.



  1. Love this! Welcome back to blogland! I'm adding this link up to my calendar so I can join in next week!

  2. I'm trying the Walmart app/grocery pick up this weekend!

  3. So glad that going back to work has been going well, and of course that the littlest farmer didn't catch the flu. This is hands down the worst cold and flu season I can remember, and can't wait for it to pass. And yay for sleeping through the night! Insert happy dance <3
    Green Fashionista

  4. What a great idea for a link up! I'll try to remember to link up next month!

  5. Happy link up day! I'm so excited to be doing this with you! Love your grateful list!

  6. I love every bit of this gratitude goodness! Rejoicing with you in the goodness of God! xo - Brenda // Chatting Over Chocolate

  7. I can't wrap my brain around you just now having your first dishwasher. Yay for getting one and double yay for littlest farmer sleeping through the night. XO


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