Monday, December 4

a friendly psa regarding infant hands

Hi there, so nice to see you. Your smiling face makes me happy, so I'll smile in return. I know... I am so adorable that you simply cannot resist the urge to grab my hand, stroke my cheek or squeeze my leg. But please, remember that I am still little and one of my favorite hobbies is chewing on my hands. So... I ask that you do not touch them with your hands. Don't be sad. I do like you, but I want you to keep your germs. I know I'm growing every day, but I can't handle sickness like you can. And if you haven't just washed your hands, everything you've touched since the last time you did wash them is going into my mouth. Yuck! Thank you for caring about me. Love, this adorable infant.

To all mamas of newborns and infants, do not be afraid to ask friends and family to wash their hands before holding your baby. Also, do not shy away from asking them to squeeze his or her feet instead of their hands if they cannot resist the urge to touch. 

Family and friends, we mamas of newborns and infants love you and want you to tell us how adorable our babies are and talk to them and coo with them. We want to share our babies with you. But try to consider what touching their hands does to our motherly instinct to protect them. We're doing everything we can to keep our babies healthy for as long as we can before those inevitable sicknesses do come. Their being ill scares us to the core, so please don't be offended if we ask you to wash your hands before holding our precious bundle of joy or ask that you squeeze a foot instead of a hand to satisfy that urge to touch.



  1. So important! I hope your baby is staying well!

  2. This is such an important reminder, especially around this time of year. I know everyone gets excited around babies and loves to squeeze and love on them, but it's so important to try and keep them away from as many germs as possible. That little baby hand pic is so precious too. Sierra~ Beautifully Candid

  3. This was drilled into me even as a child by my mom and I've tried to instill it in my kids too. I cringe when I see people touch a babies hands out and about or at church, etc... I was such a fanatic about it. Great reminder Trista!!!

  4. YES to all of this! I come off as neurotic to people because I don't like a lot of people to play with Serena because they always touch her hands which go right in her mouth as she's a thumb sucker. My husband thinks I'm being rude, but I'm just trying to protect her :-P
    Green Fashionista

  5. Yes so true! When I had my son, it was when the whooping cough was going around our area, I made anyone spending the night or who would be in constant contact with him get the shot...can never be too careful!

  6. I never really thought about this because I don't have kids, but this is so important! I don't touch a lot of babies because they make me super nervous, but should I ever want to touch or hold someone's baby in the future I will be sure to wash my hands!!

  7. Great reminder! Being a germ freak when my kids were babies I always wash my hands before touching a newborn. Although, I'm now realizing that it's been awhile since I've been near a newborn!!


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