Monday, September 4

tbb asks: back-to-school edition

Hey Friends, Happy Labor Day! I hope you and your family are enjoying a nice long weekend! We're hoping to have a cookout today and celebrate Little L's upcoming 3rd birthday. It's kind of funny... for a couple of weeks now I've been hoping Little Baby would arrive. Now, I'm praying he or she will hold tight for just one more day!!

Anyhoo, thought I would link up with the lovely ladies from The Blended Blog and answer the questions from the September Back-to-School Edition of TBB Asks. I hope you'll join in as well!

1. Did you love school or hate it? I loved school. Looking back, I feel like I had a good balance of nerd and athlete. I graduated in the top ten of my class and played sports - volleyball, basketball, and track.

2. Start school before or after Labor Day? Before Labor Day. Around mid to late August.

3. Wake up: eager beaver or slow poke? Eager beaver. Still am for the most part.

4. Favorite breakfast? Cream of wheat and toast, although this didn't happen often. My second favorite is cereal.

5. Favorite cereal? The plain kind - like Cheerios, Kix and Corn Flakes.

6. School uniform or no uniform? No uniform.

7. New outfit for first day or no? New outfit for the first day.

8. Walk to school or ride the bus? I either rode the bus or with someone else. We couldn't walk to school - we lived too far out in the country.

9. Backpack, tote or messenger bag? Backpack. I did take to carrying a tote once I started college.

10. Eat school lunch or pack lunch? School lunch.

11. Remember the little milk cartons? White or chocolate? White.

12. Paper bag or lunch box? Neither.

13. Favorite thing to do at recess? Hang upside down on the monkey bars. Or play four square or tether ball.

14. Favorite back to school supply item? Notebooks and pencils.

15. Chalkboard or dry erase board? Chalkboard.

16. Regular pencil or mechanical? Regular pencils. And I still use them.

17. Homework as soon as you got home or after dinner? I think after dinner. I usually had practice right after school so it'd be after dinner before I could get started on it.

18. Favorite after school snack? I seriously have no idea. Probably something from a vending machine in between school and practice like a bag of chips or a candy bar.

19. Favorite after school show? I didn't really have one since I usually always had something going on after school. I've never really been a big TV person, and that's still true today. I have some favorites but really don't get into a lot of different shows.

20. Favorite subject in school? Math classes. Particularly algebra and calculus. I also really liked my anatomy class. I was proud that I received the "cat head" at the end of the year. We dissected cats at some point and the student finishing with the highest grade received a trophy with a dissected cat head. I promise it's not as gross as it sounds.

21. Least favorite school subject? Social studies. And I regret it now. It'd be nice to remember a little more than I do instead of having to ask my husband all the time!

22. Name of your best friend in high school? Jill.

23. High school mascot type? Devil.

24. SAT or ACT? ACT.

25. Favorite year in school? Probably my junior year. My senior year was great but at that point it gets a little stressful trying to make a decision as to what to do after high school.

26. Class ring or no class ring? I'm pretty sure I have one somewhere.

27. Attend or not attend high school reunions? I do not attend. I moved high schools middle of my sophomore year. I feel like I more grew up with the folks from the high school I didn't graduate from rather than the one I did.

I tried to find a picture from high school, but the best I could do is the senior picture from my yearbook. Everything is still at my parents' home!


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  1. Hold tight lil baby!! How cute you are and still are!! I LOVED reading your answers! People think I'm weird that I love Math so I'm glad you do too! Enjoy your day sweet mama!!

  2. I am glad there are math people in the world! I didn't like it until college. I hope you are relaxing as much as possible today and the birthday party went well!

  3. Such fun answers! Love the throwback pic! Blend of nerd and athlete...I like it. Have a great day with family!!

  4. We had several same answers: 1, 2, 3, 19 but fave and not fave classes were NOT the same! LOL! Thanks for linking up with the Blended Blog!

  5. Breaking my heart that you didn't love social studies! :) Have the best day celebrating your little guy, and I hope baby hangs on to let him have his big day!

  6. Yes girl, the early bird gets the worm. You really were the perfect blend of nerd and athlete. I love that. Hope the birthday party went off without a hitch.

  7. I was surprised at how many pictures I found but realized I definitely need to visit my mom's house for the school picture day post coming up this month!

  8. Social studies was my favorite class, I can't believe you didn't like it. Also, I hated math, hated it. haha..It's probably because I was so bad at it, still am.

  9. I loved that you found a single photo. I didn't even have time to go to my parents house to find one. I wanted to upload my junior prom photo. It is awesome!

  10. What a fun trip down memory lane! I hope your baby waits a day or two until you're ready for his/her arrival!

  11. I wish I paid more attention in social studies too! I can't remember a date in history for the life of me!

  12. I loved math so much I became an engineer, haha. I'm with you on the social studies, I wish I could remember things like that, but I just can't!


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