Monday, September 18

out of the office

Happy Friday, Lovelies!

Your thoughts and prayers are appreciated today as we welcome our newest addition to the family! 

I will most likely be a little scarce for awhile in the blogosphere until we get home and settled. Baby will be coming by cesearean and the first few days are pretty tough. I will try to post fairly soon though as to whether we will be seeing lots of pink or lots of blue! 

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Have wonderful weekends! 

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Monday, September 4

tbb asks: back-to-school edition

Hey Friends, Happy Labor Day! I hope you and your family are enjoying a nice long weekend! We're hoping to have a cookout today and celebrate Little L's upcoming 3rd birthday. It's kind of funny... for a couple of weeks now I've been hoping Little Baby would arrive. Now, I'm praying he or she will hold tight for just one more day!!

Anyhoo, thought I would link up with the lovely ladies from The Blended Blog and answer the questions from the September Back-to-School Edition of TBB Asks. I hope you'll join in as well!

Friday, September 1

"wow, you look ready to explode!"

Said the man I passed by on my way out of the doctor's office on Thursday morning. I enthusiastically responded with a huge smile on my face "Well, thank you!" Of course it was laced with sarcasm, and he seemed a bit taken aback by my enthusiasm. But I'm hoping the next pregnant lady he passes by that is only days away from giving birth will not receive such a vivid confirmation that she does in fact look just like she feels. Am I being too sensitive? Tell me if I am.

Moving on.

Happy Friday, Friends!! And welcome to September! Let's take a quick look at my favorites from the week. Wait, I have nothing on my list to share and absolutely zero photos. It's not that I don't have any favorites, it's just that I did a terrible job of jotting down the things throughout the week that I would want to share and trying to recall anything blog worthy at the moment seems daunting. Basically, I'm lazy. So, let's embrace some randomness. Like... what's on my list to enjoy post pregnancy.