Tuesday, August 1

3 reasons to choose gender surprise

As most of you know, we are expecting Baby #3 in a short few weeks. What no one knows, not even myself or my husband, is whether Baby is a boy or girl.

More than seven years ago when we were expecting our first child, we made the decision to wait until Baby arrived to learn whether we'd be blessed with a son or a daughter. We have since taken this approach with all of our children and have absolutely loved it every time. We currently have two boys, and the entire family is anxiously awaiting to see what Baby #3 will be.

If you're currently expecting or hope to be someday in the future, I want to share with you three reasons to choose gender surprise.

| ONE |
The gifts you receive in preparation for baby's arrival are practical. Bottom line, if friends and family know the gender of your bundle of joy, you're going to end up with clothing and blankets galore that you will never come close to using. The gender neutral selection is much smaller and most folks will opt for diapers, wipes, etc. instead of choosing something so boring as neutral clothing. With my first child, we did not have to purchase the first package of diapers or wipes until he was almost six months old - talk about a blessing.

| TWO |
It saves money in the future. The neutral items you do receive and purchase for baby can be used for any following babies. For Baby #2 and now Baby #3, I will literally pull out the Ziploc space saver bag for the first six months of sizes and wash and dry. I may pick up a few new things, and I most likely will grab both a boy and girl coming-home outfit, but the every day sleepers and gowns and onesies can be worn by either gender. The cute clothes can come later - you only really need a few of those in the first few months because those days are all about survival and changing Baby's clothes a thousand times because of blow outs, spit up and drool.

Waiting is pure joy. When folks ask whether you're having a boy or a girl, it is incredibly gratifying to watch the shock pass over their face when you respond that it's a surprise. I thoroughly enjoy it - choosing to be patient is not something many do these days. There's a lot to be said in choosing the road less traveled. My farmer and I feel like there are few genuine surprises left in life and this is one of them. Even more, our whole family gets to partake in the excitement of finding out if Baby is a boy or a girl on delivery day - then they go shopping of course.

I realize for every reason I can provide to wait, there is one of equal persuasion to not; and what's right for my family may not be for yours. I only hoped to share a unique glimpse into how much fun it has been to opt for a surprise and how it can be quite practical too.

What would you do or what have you done with your children? Please share!


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  1. We didn't find out with any of our kids, either! It's such a fun surprise :)

  2. I found out with both kids because you cannot tempt me with anything!!! I always think it is awesome for those who can wait it out. I also love these little reasons...so I'm sharing it! xoxoxo

  3. As a planner. I had to know. I wore pink panties and a pink blouse to the 3-D US visit hoping I was having a girl and God answered my prayers! Wayne and I bought diapers and wipes every time we went to Walmart while I was pregnant. We were stocked, to say the least!!

    P. S. I made your peach cobbler this weekend and it was a huge hit!!

  4. I've always said this is what I want to do too for all the reasons above! I'm such a control freak which makes it weird but I would want to be surprised. I went to a gender unknown baby shower once and it was amazing to me how much more practical the gifts they received were. Stuff they would actually use instead of cutesy outfits!

  5. We waited with both of our kids and I know we'd still do the same (although that ship has long set sail...LOL) It drove my mom crazy that we wouldn't let her find out. AS IF! I said if I'm going to walk around with this baby in me not knowing, you're not going to know either. It's the ultimate Christmas present when the baby is born and you find out. AND I loved that it was a special moment for my husband when he got to go out to the waiting room and say it's a...

  6. I love that you have waited with all of your kids. It must be such a nice surprise. We thought about it but I don't think I have the personality to wait. Plus we had fun with doing gender reveal parties and being surprised there. I can't wait to hear what you have! I hope you are feeling well and can't believe how fast it's coming up <3
    Beautifully Candid

  7. You both are so patient; we couldn't wait given the option! I totally see the reasons for waiting, but I loved knowing. It gave us time go process everything, and there were enough surprises at the birth! Can't wait to find out what your baby is!

  8. I would never have thought of these reasons, and I love them all! I'm so excited for you, and I'm not even a baby person! If you do have a girl, there's no shame in her wearing big brothers' clothes- Ari has collected quite a few awesome shirts and toys from Trip over the years!

  9. We waited, too!! Husby says there are so few real surprises in life ;)

  10. We found out with my daughter because I just HAD TO KNOW! Lol! If we have another, this post definitely makes me question if we will find out or not :)

  11. I can't imagine the joy of finding out in the delivery room, but I'm way too Type A to have waited. My need to design the nursery, and don't laugh - a going home outfit are why we chose to find out. I love that you have waited for each of your kiddos, and cannot wait to hear the big news in the coming weeks <3
    Green Fashionista

  12. This is such a special tradition you have! I wish I could do this, but not sure I could. My Mom thinks it is the best way to go too! I love all of your reasons though and I think that the moment you find out in the delivery room has to be such an incredible, joyful and overwhelmingly sweet feeling.

  13. Patience is such a virtue! You are so brave to wait until you deliver to find out. I always thought I would want that, but now as my friends start having babies I think I would panic not having everything bought and in its place.

  14. We didn't find out with any of our kids either. Made my family crazy 😜

  15. I love this! We didn't find out the first time and we won't find out this time either. It is fun! I don't even have a guess this time. Last time I was adamant that baby was a boy and I was so so wrong! Ha ha!


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