Tuesday, July 25

show and tell tuesday: what's on your phone

It's Show and Tell Tuesday and I'm joining Andrea in sharing what's on my phone. This should be fun... said no one ever after you see how organized and unexciting my screens are. I am definitely one of those people who can't stand any red bubbles - unattended red bubbles signify chaos! Oh wait, that's my life. Maybe by managing the bubbles I somehow feel more accomplished or in control of things. What an illusion that is!

Anyways, back to the boring screens. Looks like I currently have five of them. I apparently do not like the apps on my screens to go past the third row. Any rows past that and we've got clutter. The background I'm currently using is purple and plain and simple. Again - I must think this adds less distraction... because phone apps aren't in themselves a distraction at all, right?



My apps are categorized and organized by frequency and type with the most important apps in the bottom bar. The apps on the first screen are the most utilized while the apps on the last screen are the least. As a matter of fact, the last two screens are what I deem special teams: games for the children in moments of desperation and then my new endeavor of deciding the best way to sell clothing as I purge in preparation for Baby.

Now, let's chat briefly about some of my favorites - not necessarily the most utilized apps but possibly ones that are not as well known.

The YouVersion Bible App. I really like this app. It has everything - the Bible itself, reading plans, devotionals, etc. You can take notes, highlight passages, make verse images, and more. There's also a community aspect where you can follow and encourage one another.

The Walmart App. I use the Savings Catcher feature and scan my receipts after each trip to the store. It takes my purchases, compares to prices from neighboring competitors, and matches any lower prices found. I receive anywhere from $1 to $4 back per receipt depending on what I purchased. My lifetime reward dollars so far has been $235. Once I reach $100, I put the balance on a gift card and splurge!

The Flo App. This isn't applicable for me at the moment, but it is a great tool for tracking Aunt Flo each month. You can track as much or as little as you like - from symptoms to moods, etc. You can also set a reminder for when it's getting close to her arrival. I used this app before getting pregnant this round and definitely paid attention to the fertile window. She will be back in use post pregnancy for sure.

The Panera Bread App. I grab lunch from there at least once a week. And it is so easy to jump on this app, order and grab my food off of the rapid pick up shelf. It's super convenient. I have my favorite orders saved and my rewards account already linked. 

The Papa John's App. We grab Papa John's at least once every couple of weeks. Usually on Sunday's after church when I don't feel like cooking and all we really want to do is get home and get naps. I can order the pizza as soon as church lets out and by the time we make it to the store, it's ready to go. I have favorites saved and it's super easy, plus I build up points and earn free pizza!

The Sago Mini Apps. These are the games you see on screen four. Both my almost seven year old and my almost three year old can kill some time on these games. They're not only fun, but educational too. I'm not a huge fan of throwing my phone in my kid's face all the time, but sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures.

Well, that about sums up my crazy. What apps do you love that I need to add to one of my screens?


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  1. You are the 2nd person to mention the Walmart savings app- that is so neat! I hope Target does the same thing soon!

  2. I love the Walmart app too! Wow $235 rewards dollars!! That is awesome!

  3. Ok I officially need the Panera app! I had no idea Walmart had an app, since my heart belongs to Target and their Cartwheel app. So good to know <3
    Green Fashionista

  4. I use the walmart app too, I think my lifetime rewards are $233. Definitely worth it. I don't like the red bubbles either!

  5. HA! I love it that you hate the red bubbles too! I can't stand that (or the little blue dot after updates...I have to open them all to make it go away!) We are a mess and so alike. I used to use the WalMart savings catcher app and just got out of the habit. I need to download it and start again.

  6. Did you know the Bible app has videos? I've had it on my phone forever and someone just pointed that out to me. (This is probably information in late in the game of discovering.) Also, audible is a great app and you can download the book the Bible in a year and the app will read it to you! Great apps you're sharing!

  7. I love reading posts like this and getting recommendations for new apps!

  8. I am RIGHT THERE with you on the notifications and chaos!! Birds of a feather :)

  9. I'd like to download the Bible App. I think that would be a nice way of having that at quick disposal. I used to have the Walmart app, but haven't used it in awhile. I just started doing the Walmart pick up and it is amazing!

  10. I wish we had a Panera Bread here. I only get it when I travel, but if I did, I would get the app.

  11. I love what you do with the WalMart app. I love that app. I use ours for stocking stuffers or Christmas presents. I wish we had a Panera bread. I would be there all. the. time...come to think of it, it's probably a good thing we don't have one! Hahaha!


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