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2017 goals: a new year for new commitments

Happy New Year, Friends! Welcome to the 17th year of the 21st century. Hard to believe, isn't it? I did most of my growing up in the 90s... I choreographed dance routines to Ace of Base in my driveway, recorded myself singing alongside Shania Twain on a cassette tape, and watched Dirty Dancing over and over again without my parents knowledge. The county fair was the event we looked most forward to and sports, thankfully, spared me from a lot of farm work.

Those times seem like ages ago. I've been out of high school almost 15 years and college a little over 10. Time absolutely flies, and truly does go by faster with each passing year. I'm determined to slow 2017 down. If you have any advice on how to make that happen, please share!

I've spent the last few days mulling over the year ahead and what changes I'd like to implement in order to better my quality of life. I could do this better, this life thing. If I could choose one word for 2017, I would choose BALANCE. I am the type of person that throws themselves wholeheartedly into something, so much that I end up burnt out. I have done this in the past with work, blogging, reading, television, dieting, exercise, etc. I am certain it is possible to enjoy all of these things at once as opposed to only one of them for a season.

So, my overall goal for 2017 is to achieve a state of balance, to whatever extent I'm capable. As part of that goal, I have outlined a small number of supporting goals that will help make that balanced life possible.

  • Faith: I have committed to reading my Bible through in 2017. It's been entirely too long since I've consistently been in His Word. Along with hearing from Him on a daily basis, I intend to pray more faithfully as well. I need to put forth effort in rebuilding my relationship with Christ. I downloaded the YouVersion Bible App and am so far, very impressed.
  • Stewardship: I confess, I need to shop less. And when I do shop (clothing, groceries, eating out, etc.), I need to be more cognizant of what things cost. You'd think, as an accountant, I would already be holding myself to a budget, but sadly, no. 2017 is the year that changes.
  • Health: I'm overweight. The fact that my clothes barely fit does bother me, but what really motivates change is the idea of being unhealthy. To my knowledge, everything is fine at the moment, but I'm not getting any younger. Eating the way that I do, drinking so much Coke, combined with zero exercise and my family history is a recipe for disaster. I will do better this year, for the sake of myself and my family.
  • Self: I rarely take time for myself in which I go somewhere or do something particularly fun with friends. It's just low priority. Sleep and down time have always taken precedence when it comes to me time. For 2017, I'm instituting a Mom's Day Out. Once a quarter, I want to spend one day with girlfriends just being girls. 
  • Blogging: Blogging makes me happy, but it's no secret that it is also a time sucker. Coupled with my tendency to throw myself at things until I burn out, I easily spend way more time than reasonable working on it. To help prevent any more one year sabbaticals, I have set blog goals and parameters for 2017. I plan to post only twice a week, and I've already laid out a schedule of topics to follow. I'm setting aside blocks of time to comment and to respond to comments as opposed to trying to keep up each day and ending up feeling overwhelmed or behind.
  • Miscellaneous: In addition to the heavier goals above, I simply want to get more sleep. I want to cook more often and try new recipes. I want to worry about the house and laundry less. I need to teach Little J how to tie his shoes, and Little L should probably start some serious potty training. I want to stay up late once a weekend and watch movies with my husband. I know I can be a better me, and I know Jesus is the only One who can help me do that.

Well, there you have it. By putting it in writing and out there for all to see, my commitments seem more real. I realize that most of these are going to be a day-to-day battle and not something I'll attain overnight. I know that I will fall, and that I must get back up and try again. Most importantly, I need to depend upon Him and less upon myself. For I am weak, but He is strong.

Wishing you and your families the Happiest of New Years yet!


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  1. Trista, seriously, are we the same person?!?! That first paragraph was my childhood! I may be a smidgen older than you but seriously we are so very similar! Balance *YES*!!! All your goals are also goals I have as well. Let's hold each other accountable this year. Also have you downloaded First 5? Do it! It's Proverbs 31 and it will guide you through devotion and more (I DL'd it today)

  2. I love your goals so much and making things more balanced! I'm right with you on blogging less. I did the Bible in a year app a couple of times a few years back and found it refreshing to jump start a faith rut! Wishing you the best of luck!!

  3. Love love love your goals and YES to balance! Ok and you totally had me at Ace of Base! Happy New Year sweet friend <3
    Green Fashionista

  4. Balance is a great word! I don't usually pick a word, but after reading lots of blogs this weekend, and thinking about my kids, I think I'm choosing patience. Thank you for your honesty - it's refreshing in a world of staged blog pics and such!

  5. These are amazing goals for the year! Balance is a great word and a hard one. Hang in there you got this! I can't wait to read more of your blog as you go!! Happy New Yea lovely lady!

  6. Such good goals Trista! I think balance is such a good word. I know I need more of it in my life too. So glad you're back in the blogging world!

  7. Balance is the key. I think by putting it out there especially on the blog format like this, it keeps you more accountable. Fabulous post and wishing you a happy new year.

  8. These are all wonderful goals and I love your word!! YouVersion is great! Coke...why oh why does it have to taste so good?! Getting off those was one of my hardest challenges.

  9. Happy New Year! It sounds like your goals are definitely worthy...and I should probably make a lot of similar ones! Here's hoping to a healthy, well-rested and soulful 2017!

  10. Your goals are awesome for 2017! Balance is so important. I strive for that as well. I wish you well this year :-)
    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams 

  11. Your goals sound so much like mine. I have been out of high school 19 years, gosh I'm old! haha Happy new year!!

  12. Such wonderful goals. I also need to be better at balancing everything and I also need to read more of my Bible. I want to be able to hear more of God's word. I so miss the 90's. They were the best times. Happy New Year!


  13. I enjoyed that post, Trista! You emptied your heart out & I have to say
    i resonate with so many of the goals you shared with us. We are all in his thing together! I look forward to reading more...Happy New Year!

  14. Lots of sleep sounds good to me! Best of luck with goals this year!!

  15. Oh balance.....such a huge deal for busy moms, wives, women in general! Wishing you a balanced 2017!

  16. The you version app is great. So many awesome reading plans!! Enjoy!

  17. Your goals are great! We started using the Every Dollar App in October of 2014 and have used it every single month since. I love it for budgeting because it slows me down. Sadly, I am a marketers dream...hahahah...I love shopping and this app really helped me realize where my money was going. I loved all of your goals and can relate. Here's to balance in the New Year!

  18. Great goals, Trista!!! Thanks for sharing.

  19. So many of the same goals! You go girl, you can do it!


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