Tuesday, December 13

a little something new, 5 reasons to change your blog design

I decided it was time for a change. I know some bloggers keep the same blog design for years, but I'm just not one of them. I grew tired of the one I had and craved something new, something fresh. I wanted a template that was simpler, less cluttered - one with a little more class. Plus, I wanted a template that was mobile friendly without having to use one of the default Blogger mobile views.

My previous template was designed by Emily at Blogaholic Designs, and it was perfect. Until it wasn't. I remember that I was incredibly happy with how easy it was to upload that premade template, so I ventured over to peruse her new designs since my last visit.

I immediately fell in love with the Brenna Kate design. It was perfect - simple, chic, and looked great on a mobile device. Even better, the template was only $15. Since I do not bring in money with this blog, I can't convince myself to splurge on anything custom. Plus, my need for change comes so often that I'm not sure it'd be wise to spend much more than that anyways. So, in my mind, the $15 is well spent.

Emily's premade templates are so easy to upload. She has step by step instructions on how to install the template and on how to make the changes she knows you're going to want to make. Plus, if you have any questions that she hasn't already thought of, you can contact her directly - she's great to work with. 

With the new template endeavor I embarked upon came several small changes. I've updated each of my pages, my welcome section on the blog, and I've removed some of the gadgets that I'm pretty sure you could care less about. 

AND I am loving the changes. I feel like I've actually created something pretty, something of substance. I've a renewed pride in this little space of mine. I do hope you'll take a look around at the new design and the changes I've made and let me know what you think!

Need some encouragement to make a change? Here are five reasons to change your blog design right now. 

1. Change gives you confidence. Anytime you make improvements to something, your confidence is boosted by encouragement and a sense of accomplishment. 

2. Change ignites your creative side. Fresh ideas start to develop and your vision for what you desire your blog to be is renewed.

3. Change leads to refining. Refining of your blog layout, your welcome message, your about me page, etc. It's incentive to update what's already there to match the improved change and renewed vision. 

4. Change presents an opportunity to declutter. Remove the gadgets that are just taking up space, that you really could do without - the things that you're sure your readers aren't paying any attention to, the ones that aren't helping your blog in any way.

5. Change is motivating. New and improved things give you a little more oomph than you had before the change took place. They become exciting all over again, like a shiny new toy. It's basically an investment in your blogging future.

I hope you've found this helpful in some way. And, I would absolutely love to hear your thoughts on blog designs and what you've learned to do or not do when it comes to creating your space!


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  1. Love your new design! I splurged on a premade design (I think it was either 15 or 20 dollars) last spring, after blogging for years and years with just a blogger template. It was amazing how it made me feel so much better about my blog. A new design is so fun, and I love yours!

  2. Your new look is amazing! I'm always so excited to unveil a new blog design, it's just so fresh and fun <3
    Green Fashionista

  3. Beautiful job, and great points! Maybe I'll get there someday too, haha. I love the feel of it.

  4. Her templates are beautiful! I love your blog look!!

  5. Looks marvelous! I just started fiddling around with mine last night to try and update it a little too!

  6. Glad to read this! I've been considering how to update mine!

  7. Love it! A blog redesign is on the plans for next year for me!

  8. It looks great!!! I follow quite a few blogs and sometimes if one isn't as familiar I know it because of the look so when someone changes it it throws me off. (by brain is very forgetful these days!!haha) But I am all about changing things up!


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