Friday, November 25

i'm an honorary gilmore girl

Happy Friday, Lovelies! I hope all of you have had a wonderful Thanksgiving! It is truly one of my most favorite times of the year. I love being surrounded by lots of family, love, fun times, and of course great food! We really do have much to be thankful for - God is so good...

Now, let's chat about about the week with some Friday Favorites.

November 25th has finally arrived! And, I am totally ready. My sister-in-law picked up this awesome shirt for me, and I seriously cannot wait to start watching. I'm hoping to get through as much Gilmore Girls as possible before we head to my parents for Thanksgiving dinner, but have every intention of finishing it before the day ends. I will most likely abstain from any social media or blogging until I've finished so as to not accidentally see any spoilers!

In case you missed it, I joined Instagram! Would love for you to follow me (theclassychaosblog). Please say hi and I will most definitely follow you back. I do have a question though. It seems as though very random people started following me. What's your take on that? Do you follow everyone who follows you? Or do you only follow those that you recognize? How did they even find me?

Do you ever feel proud when you piece an outfit together that seems to really work. That's how I felt on Thursday when I threw together this ensemble for our Thanksgiving Day outings.

I haven't reached the point where I'm responsible for much of the cooking when it comes to Thanksgiving, but I do make some mouth watering peanut butter fudge. I plan to share the recipe with you soon.

Little J is reaching the age where he loves to play family games. For his birthday, he received Pie Face and Connect 4. His enthusiasm for them is infectious. Our entire extended family has had a blast playing these the last couple of days. I absolutely recommend them if you are looking for some family friendly, broad range of age type games. I will share, though, that Little L hates Pie Face. He literally cries the entire time and clings to me for dear life. He cannot handle whipped cream covering anyone's face. I kind of fear he will forever hate whipped cream as a result of this game!

Hasbro Pie Face GameHasbro Connect 4 Game
Well, that about sums up my week. Come to think of it, that's really just the last couple of days... They were so awesome I barely even remember the first part!

Happy Friday and weekend to you!

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  1. I love this time of year so much, too! I'm obsessed with that shirt!! Have a great week! :)

    1. Thank you! I'm going to try my best not to where it every single day! HA!

  2. I love this time of year too. I can do without the horribly cold weather, but being surrounded by loved ones always makes my heart happy. :) Also all of my kids have fall/winter birthdays as well as myself, so it's always a busy time of year for us! Your Thanksgiving outfit was so cute! I love the sweater. The color is great on you. I followed you on Google Plus and would love if you'd follow me back when you get a chance. :)

    xo, Sarah
    Hustla, baby.

    1. Thank you! It is one of my favorite sweaters. A clearance rack steal from JCPenney! Followed you on GFC. I haven't ventured to the Google Plus world just yet. Have a great week!

  3. Your Thursday outfit is really nice! :)

    Don;t worry about instagram, sometimes a lot of people go through and follow accounts with a specific hashtag. I've had some strangers follow me and then a few days later they're doing it again, haha! They just want you to follow back to get their numbers up, spammy behaviour!

    Hope you had a great weekend and you shopped up a storm in the sales! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. Thanks for the info!! That's kinda crazy! Still haven't started shopping. Totally need to work on that! Eek!

  4. I've never seen GG! It's on my list. I followed you on IG. I don't unfollow unless I get unfollowed first--I hate that game of follow/uf and it drives me crazy.Hope you had a good weekend!

  5. I need that shirt! So cute! I followed you on Instagram. Yeah I have a ton of random followers as well, but I guess that's normal on Instagram, haha

    1. Yes! I guess that's how it works! They come and go. Crazy!


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