Wednesday, October 14

what to wear: skirts

Skirts are one of my absolute favorite pieces of clothing. I love the comfort of being unrestrained, the versatility to dress them up or down, and the classy persona they portray regardless of how you style them. 

There are tons of skirt styles available, but my personal preference is an A-Line style skirt that is knee length. This style skirt is flattering for my shape and maintains the element of modesty.

Let's take a look at my most recent skirt ensembles.

Slub Crew Cardigan (GAP) / Pleat Neck Tee (GAP) / Skirt (Kristin Davis)

Slub Crew Sweater (GAP) / Poplin Midi Skirt (GAP)

Pleat neck tee (GAP) / Slub crew cardigan (GAP) / Skirt (Kristin Davis)

I'm sad to say that some of the GAP items above are no longer available. And I find it even more unfortunate that Kristin Davis no longer designs clothing. I love her skirts - they were perfect for me. I've been able to fit into the two above due to my weight loss. Win win!! Do you remember B Moss? They used to carry a solid selection of A-Line style skirts too. 

I really have a hard time finding skirts that meet my criteria these days. So, if you have any suggestions, please share!

Happy Wednesday!



  1. it really is hard to find a-line skirts! i also look for midi skirts.

  2. I love a-line skirts but they are so hard to find. I don't wear many skirts but when I do it's always a-line.

  3. I love me some skirts. Pencil skirts are my favorites, but you are rocking those skirts, lady.

  4. Skirts are so fun! Cute outfits girly!

  5. Trista, you look super adorable! I'm new to blogging and just started my very own Wednesday fashion link up party too! If you would like to join, you can get the details at Hope to link up with you!!

  6. You look so cute! I literally own one skirt - it's so sad. I need to step my game up!!

  7. I love skirts too, they're just so much comfier than pants! Loving that Gap midi-skirt on you, such a fun color <3

    Green Fashionista

  8. Those are such cute skirts! I love Banana Republic's pencil skirts. They have a nice amount of stretch so they maintain their shape and are comfortable. I live in skirts and dresses!

  9. You are rocking those skirts!! so cute!


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