Tuesday, October 27

currently on my wish list + a giveaway

So... I may or may not have a birthday looming about. Little J asked me this morning what I would like and I told him I didn't need a thing. However, I'm secretly hoping that the husband takes a rare peek at the blog, this post in particular. Ha!

Hunter Women's Original Rubber Boots EUR 37 Red 

I am seriously crushing on these beauties. I love the red, but think the navy or dark olive would be pretty too. 


I have had my eye on a Fitbit for awhile now. I know a lot of folks say the Charge is worth the extra $, but I like the slimmer version of the Flex. I like the red, slate, teal, and navy. The navy or slate is probably the most versatile though, fashion wise.
Lucky Brand Emmie FlatLucky Brand Emmie Flat
I actually already have these flats in the Bourbon color. I wore them completely out - they aren't professionally presentable anymore. Although I like my Gap Classic Ballet Flats, I feel like these were way more comfortable and lots more supportive. So, I'm in the market for both the black and bourbon pairs.

Koomus CD-Air CD Slot Smartphone Car Mount Holder Cradle for All iPhone and Android Devices
 I've been thinking about a phone holder for a few weeks now. I rode with a girl at work one day and was immediately smitten with the little gadget that held her phone right on the dashboard beside the steering wheel. It was perfect. I can't seem to find one exactly like the one she had, but I really think I'd like this one.

And then there's pretty much anything and everything at the GAP that I'd love for my closet to call its own.

Would love to know what you're crushing on these days!

 Oh, by the way... I am partnering with an awesome group of ladies and we're having the best giveaway ever. Check out the details below, and be sure to enter!

From Amy at The Farmer's Wife
There are few things that I like more than free cash.
 And today, that's exactly what we are giving away.
 $165 dollars to be exact.
 Just in time for the holidays!
 I can think of SO many things that I would love to buy with that amount of moola.
 And it is honestly so SO easy to win it.

This group of beautiful ladies is to thank...

As if that cash wasn't enough to get you excited, Rachel is giving away a darling handmade "gather" sign from her Etsy shop: The Little Homeplace.
Perfect for Fall. 
Perfect for anytime.

 Check out her shop for more adorable custom signs.

SO, let's sum this all up, shall we?
$165 dollars via Paypal from a bunch of beautiful ladies AND a cute handcrafted sign.
I think this is a win for any human. Ever.

Go get yourself entered, and follow some of the best blogs that you've ever read.
You've been missing out on life if you don't already follow them!



  1. Awesome list girl - I say get those beautiful Hunter boots <3

    Green Fashionista

  2. i will forever want the hunter boots. and i sure could use them with all this dang rain around here lately.

  3. I have like 4 pairs of those Lucky flats! They are amazing :)


  4. Those flats are so cute! I'm always a sucker for some cute flats! My mom just got a Fitbit and is loving it. I'm just not sure about them yet. I ride a stationary bike for exercise and apparently it doesn't track that?? I probably need to learn more about them.

  5. Great picks! I have a birthday looming around the corner as well! 2 weeks to be exact!

  6. Love all your picks, but have to say that I adore my red hunter rain boots. I get so many compliments when I wear them.

  7. My birthday is next month too!!! FUN!! I splurged on a pair of Hunter's last year and they are sooooooo worth it. I actually got them at costco. Sooo maybe your hubby will read this and check there!!

  8. Ohh I love those Lucky Emmie flats! So cute! Hopefully your husband reads this :)

  9. Those Wellies are super cute, I hope the birthday fairy brings them too you. And a supportive flat, so perfect for the work place.

  10. Literally just tried on those Lucky flats yesterday and they were so comfy. I hate not wearing the little showless socks with shoes though so I had to pass. Already having second thoughts though hha


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