Wednesday, September 2

what to wear: business casual style

I admit it. I struggle with being stylish. The business world I grew up in casts this blanket of black, grey, and navy. Add pantyhose, heels, skirt and a suit jacket, and it screams I am boring and old fashioned. Hello, that's me. Fortunately, somewhere along the way business casual dress became acceptable, and I revolutionized my sense of fashion. 

First, I learned by example, noting how other women made their business attire fashionable with color, prints, layers, heels and jewelry. I learned hands on, having my super stylish sisters-in-law shop with me and educate me on the modern style that is flattering for me yet still professional. Pinterest didn't hurt either. Lastly, I realized that I would have to branch away from the clearance rack more often than not.

I am still not a fashionista and accept the simple truth that I never will be. It would be ludicrous for me to start a fashion blog per se, but I am proud of my progress.

With a little inspiration from Brittany at The Lady Lawyer, who is sharing her work week chic each week, my intent is to share with you the ensembles that I am proud of and a little shocked that I even managed to put together.    

Without further ado, check out today's classy business casual attire. 

Slub Crew Cardigan / Classic Khaki Pants / Classic Leather Ballet Flats

I received several compliments on just how classy I looked. I'm really proud of this combination. The cardigan, pants and flats are from the Gap and are recent purchases. The shirt under the cardigan is something I've had for awhile and found at JCPenney. (Try to ignore the mirror selfie in the gym locker room... I improvised.)

Tell me the truth, how'd I do? And, do you want to see more of my style triumphs?


Stay classy through the chaos.  


  1. I love your outfit; it's very classy! I've been wearing the same five or so maternity dresses. I've just gotten so lazy when it comes to fashion, but I definitely miss normal clothes!

  2. Fashion posts are fun! :) I'm digging the outfit for sure!


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