Monday, September 7

goodbye summer, hello fall

Happy Labor Day! Has anyone else been as lazy as I have been on this lovely long weekend? It has been blissfully boring with few events that required our presence.

If you happen to follow me on Facebook, you may have noticed I splurged for dessert Saturday afternoon. With the littlest asleep, the oldest out having fun with his aunt, and the husband working, I found myself with a little quiet time.

What a better way to spend it? I did use the child size John Deere bowl. That counts for something, right? I took Edy's classic vanilla ice cream, added a little caramel, and then smashed up a few mini Reese's to boot! I did not count the WW Points, I didn't want to know.

Saturday evening, the family met at Cheddar's to celebrate a birthday. My husband was still at work, so I flew solo with the kids. I was wore out by the end. Little L tries to get his hands on everything and is quick like lightning. I did manage to enjoy this amazing pasta dish though... For the record, I passed on the red velvet cake and ice cream that we had later.

New Orleans Pasta

Sunday, was a great day in church. I'm so proud of Little J. He is starting to really listen and remember the lessons he is being taught. After church on Sunday, our conversation went a bit like this...

Me: What did you learn in children's church today?
J: About a guy who kicked a guy.
Me: Do you remember anything else? (desperately trying to recall what this story might be)
J: Yes, then another man came by and ignored him and then another and he helped him.
Me: Ohhh, you learned about the Good Samaritan.
J: That's what I said. 

He continuously tells me that God is bigger than everything. And today he told us over lunch that the the devil used to be one of God's angels. Gasp! Proud mommy moment.

I entered the Stitch Fix Pin to Win $500 contest this weekend. All you have to do is pin at least three Fall outfits. How hard is that? I can promise you that I pinned more than three. Here are a few of my favorites. By the way, if you decide to join Stitch Fix, I would love it if you would use my referral link.

Lastly, we spent most of Monday doing absolutely nothing. I made biscuits and gravy for breakfast and then we spent the evening poolside with family. Goodbye summer, hello fall. Now, if only the temperatures would fall in line - and it looks like that just may happen towards the end of the week.



  1. Here is hoping the temperatures drop soon! Also, your son's version of the Good Samaritan is too cute!

  2. *You and me both on the temps, It was in the mid 90's here, ugh! We still have at least a month if not 6 weeks of hot weather, come on Fall! Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  3. That New Orleans pasta looked so good!! A Monday lazing around with nothing to do sounds perfect!! Hope your week is off to a great start!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. That pasta from Cheddar's looks delicious! Glad you had a good weekend!

  5. I so hope the temperatures drop soon. I cannot wait to break out my fall clothing. Enjoy your week off.

  6. SO much good food! I did my fair share of indulging this weekend too

  7. Oh yum that ice cream and pasta!! so good! And yes any event alone with kiddos is exhausting. Good work mama!

  8. I too totally want the temperatures to drop so that I can wear my fall clothes! Its been in the 90's for days. Ugh.

  9. Oh. My. Gosh that ice cream looks amazing!

  10. That ice cream does look amazing! I don't think I'd have the self control to keep it to the kid size bowl!


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