Friday, September 4

friday has arrived, cue three day weekend

Hi there, Friday. You bring with you the blessing of a long weekend! Anyone else as excited about this as I am? I'm looking forward to a low-key weekend with family and maybe we'll even throw in a visit to the parade.

Okay, let's get to my favorites from the week! I'm linking up with April, Erika, and Amy.

I was able to attend the coolest thing this week, a boat christening. I was so impressed with the traditional ceremony. The Chaplain prayed over the vessel and gave to the Captain the Holy Bible. It was very patriotic too. The honored guest broke a bottle of champagne against the front of the boat (just like on the movies!) Bonus, the food after the ceremony was amazing. For the record, I'm calling this day exempt from WW Points! Here's a few photos from the day.

On Monday, I shared twenty things about me - from how tall I am to what one thing motherhood has taught me. I love posts like these. They feel so personal and genuine.

And on Wednesday, I explained my struggle with fashion and how far along I've come in dressing more stylish. I was really proud of the ensemble I'd put together. I'm hoping to post something each week on what to wear.  

I mentioned last week that something is biting me. Well, it's still happening. On Tuesday, almost ten different places appeared, four of which were on my face. Things get real when you start messing with my face. The places start like hives and end like bites. I was able to see an allergist this week and he was at a complete loss. I'm being referred to a dermatologist. Oh, and my new scent is deet. I've been wearing bug spray 24 hours a day in hopes of repelling whatever thinks I'm so yummy, if in fact it is a hungry insect. I'll spare you the photos of my dilemma.

On Thursday, I really stepped out of my comfort zone and shared how I felt.
I am truly heartbroken for the Clerk in Kentucky.
Have I mentioned just how much I enjoy school supplies and office goodies? Well, Little J is in preschool and came home with a supply list. I had so much fun perusing the supplies and picking out the items on his list. He wasn't able to go with me to pick them out, but was so excited to play with them when I got them home. He has taken from me the love of all things nerdy. At one point, he told my husband he just wanted to "create stuff." Not exactly what a farmer wants to hear.

Hope you all have amazing Labor Day weekends!


Stay classy through the chaos. 


  1. I, too, love school supplies! I get so excited to take my girls shopping for school supplies. It's like I'm reliving my own love for school haha! I'm also interested in your twenty questions post, I'll have to go take a look ;) I'm stopping by from the Oh, Hey Friday linkup, hope you have a great weekend friend!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! You'll have to share your link of post twenty questions of your own. I'd love to read it. Hope you have an amazing weekend as well!

  2. I love all of little J's school supplies! What an exciting time. I hope that they are able to figure out what is biting you soon.

  3. School supply shopping is the best! I love when the aisles become filled with all things school! And my word--"I just want to create.."--how precious is that!! Loved reading back on some of your posts this week! Have a great weekend!

  4. I love school supplies too, but I spent two hours on Friday organizing all the things that my students brought to school and if I never see a glue stick again, it will be too soon! Hahaha

  5. Your sweet comment on my blog made my day!! I can't wait to stalk your blog and find out more about you!! Looks like maybe you are new to blogging? (me too!) I think I'll start with your 20 questions post! looks like lots of fun and information. You look adorable in the boat christening photo and that sounds like so much fun!! And I really hope you find out what is biting you. Have a good weekend. (off to look at more posts now!)

  6. terrible about the bites! ugh. I hope that ends soon.
    shopping for school supplies (and new clothes) was always the highlight for me going back to school. I needed my Lisa Frank trapper keeper every year :)
    Trish - tales from trish


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