Friday, August 28

friday: mysteries, victories, & funnies

Helloooo Friday! I am looking so forward to the weekend. My house is already clean, the laundry is fairly caught up, and the sun is supposed to shine. God is so good! Here's a quick recap on the last few days in the life of my chaos. 

Something keeps biting me. I have at least one or two new ones everyday, and this has been going on for at least a month. These are two on my hand. One right in the center and one on the inside of my wrist. This picture does not do them justice.

Since taking this picture, at varying times and on different days, two more have appeared on my hand, two above my eye, two on my cheek, two on the side of my neck, two on the back of my neck, and two on my stomach. I'm appalled. I assume it is a mosquito, but really am not sure. I know that I feel like a dog with fleas. And why are the bites coming in pairs?

The weather was amazing this week in our neck of the woods. I absolutely love the cooler temperatures in the morning. When the forecast is this beautiful and dry, down goes the hay, and I love the smell of fresh cut hay. 

I saw this video come through my Facebook news feed this week. I couldn't help but laugh. Is this not the truth?!

In my quest for a healthier, lighter version of myself, I have made a concerted effort to try new foods. Foods that I most likely would not have chosen in my prior eating lifestyle. Most days, I take my lunch, but earlier in the week I needed to buy the boys some clothes, so I splurged on a solo lunch date with Panera while I was out. Doesn't my lunch look yummy? 

I had the Pick 2: Turkey Sandwich (not out of my comfort zone) and the Lemon Chicken and Orzo Soup (a first for me) with Baked Lays Potato Chips. I was pleasantly surprised by the soup. It's no potato or tomato soup (my favorites from Panera), but it was tasty enough. Especially when altogether, the meal was only 11 WW Points!

In case you missed it, operation #nomorefattyboop is under way and I have lost 18 pounds to date! 

I came across this meme while perusing Facebook the other night, and literally laughed out loud. My husband asked what was so funny and when I shared it with him, he started laughing too. He said this is exactly what it's like talking to you on the phone. Oops!

Can we make this post Six on Saturday? Just teasing. I couldn't not also share a couple of Mommy Moments from the week. J is almost 5 and all boy. Here is one of our conversations:

J: Mommy, I have to go potty.
M: Okay, go potty.
J: You know, sometimes I pee in the trash can.
M: Do what?
J: Sometimes, I just pee in the trash can.
M: Which trash can?
J: The one in my bedroom.
M: J, do not pee in your trash can, or any trash can ever again. 

Needless to say, a cleaning spree occurred this week. My amazing Mama came over and helped me deep clean my house. While cleaning the little room that we have under our stairs, I found tucked way back in the corner a little stash of mini Kit Kats and an empty wrapper. When asked about the secret stash, J just grinned and said he was saving them for later.  

There is truly never a dull moment, and I love it!

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  1. Oh my gosh....peeing in the trash can?!!? I guess that's what I have to look forward to! Have a great weekend!

  2. I love the peace of a solo lunch date..especially a delicious one like that!

  3. Wow losing 18lbs is great and takes some serious dedication! Congrats!! Man...Panera is such a weakness for me....carb-o-holic over here!

  4. I love me some Panera! My order is the turkey avocado sandwich. YUM! - Seri from

  5. Ah those bites would be driving me nuts too! I HATE mosquito bites (or any bug bites) so, so much! Also your weather looks so gorgeous! I'm stopping by from Oh Hey, Friday! linkup!

    The Blush Blonde

  6. I love Panera, and your lunch looked delish! So sorry about the bites! I was EATEN up last night while mowing and my legs are hating me today. I'll also spend most of Saturday in a dress for a wedding we're attending. #badtiming

    Enjoy your weekend!

  7. Your Panera lunch looks delicious. Congratulation on the weight loss. Have a great weekend.

  8. thanks for stopping by my blog!! your peepee convo was too funny. thanks for the laugh!

  9. Oh my goodness, that is too funny about the trash can, but at least your house is all clean now! I hope you have a lovely weekend and thanks for stopping by my blog!

  10. Oh gosh - the trash can!!! At least he aimed for something, I'll call that a win!! You've lost 18lbs! That's some work right there! I need some motivation - I love Panera (but I'm guessing a latte and bagel aren't the best choices). The only people I talk to on the phone are my mom/dad and my husband, I feel like otherwise it's too confusing and easier to text - ha! Hope you figure out those bites! They look painful!

  11. Hey, I just found your blog! I can relate to the weeing in the trash can thing, ha! The other day my son told me that he wanted to wee on the DVD player. We had a 10 minute conversation about why he couldn't do that. Being a mum of boys always has its fun moments :).

    Manning meanderings, mishaps and musings

  12. So glad that you're doing WW too! It's my favorite diet I've ever done and I love the results. Have you gotten the chicken noodle soup at Panera? Love it! I normally do a salad & that soup for a 9pp combo!

  13. Bahahaha!!! That conversation is amazing! I see that happening in my future. And 18 pounds?? WOAH, that's awesome!


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