Tuesday, August 18

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Hello Sweet Friends! 

I am enjoying some unusual quiet time this afternoon. Our electric went off earlier today rendering it impossible for me to work remotely. So I improvised, packed up my desk and the boys, and headed to my Farmer’s grandparents - where low and behold, we discovered the electric was on but the internet was not. 

So as my Littlest Farmer naps and there’s no access to the outside world other than the old fashioned landline, here I sit enjoying a bit of downtime, realizing it’s also the perfect time to catch you up on all things currently. 

Let’s start with the garden since it’s taken up the majority of my free time lately. I mentioned in my last post how I canned for the first time. Well, it’s become somewhat of an addiction. 

This past weekend, I brought my green bean count to 39 quarts! I’ve also managed to freeze 15 quarts of sweet corn and discovered that it takes about a dozen ears to make a quart. Plus, I’ve got another 200 ears just waiting to be cut off the cob and saved for later. 

I also tried my hand at tomato sauce and that was a flop. The recipe I was using said to boil the tomatoes. My brain likened boil to add water and I’m here to tell you, that you DO NOT add water. I had worked so hard and those four pints of tomato sauce looked more like juice and tasted a lot less like tomatoes. I was so disappointed. The good news is that I have another bushel of tomatoes ready to try again. We shall see! 

Have I mentioned that we picked up eight little chicks at the end of July? We had two chickens prior to that, but found nothing but a pile of feathers one day. Not sure what happened to them, but we think a Little Farmer accidentally left the coop door open, although none of them will admit to it. 

I absolutely loved having eggs at our fingertips, so we picked up some Buff Orpington and Rhode Island Red at Rural King. Unfortunately, we are already down to seven. We think a raccoon must have reached in and just grabbed one! Rascals. It will be a few months before we start getting eggs again, but it will be so worth it. 

I think I mentioned in a previous post that I’ve started writing for an online Christian support group. It’s called the Help Club for Moms. I’ve really enjoyed being a part of it the last few weeks. It’s a group focused on supporting and encouraging one another, building each other up, while pointing all things to Jesus. You can find the group on Facebook or visit their website here

The Club is starting a new study on August 24th if you’d like to join us. If you’re interested, you can read more about it here.

School - “should I stay or should I go now.” I’m singing that as I write it. Please tell me you’re familiar with that oldies song! If not, here ya go

Anyway, Kentucky schools were scheduled to return to the classroom on the 26th of this month. However, it was announced last week that schools should remain closed until at least the end of September. 

I normally don’t share my political views in this space, so I’m going to exert a considerable amount of effort not to start now. However, I will simply say that I understand this virus is real and that people need to take preventative measures to ensure as few people are infected as possible, but the lengths to which we are going will likely have even greater damaging effects than the virus itself. I can only stay positive by taking comfort in the fact that God is in control. 

That being said, whether to enroll our kids into a private school has been heavy on our hearts lately. We need to make a decision soon and covet your prayers. 

For those of you who work outside the home or are working remotely, what options do you have and what are you choosing? 

In other news, Nugget has become a ball of fun. The boys absolutely love her and she’s taking after Cricket in that she wants to be wherever they are. I love that. I’ve never seen cats with such dog-like personalities. 

I haven’t been running at all. I have got to find some motivation and discipline somewhere inside of me or everything that I worked for is going to be lost. This time last year, I was preparing for a Half Marathon. I ran three miles a couple of weeks ago and it was not easy. Ever since this year’s race was cancelled, I’ve just kind of stopped. The heat isn’t helping either. 

Well Friends, I think that’s a glimpse of everything currently happening in our chaos. And if you’re still reading, THANK YOU for your support and encouragement of this little space of mine. It means so much to me. 

Have a wonderful rest of the week! 


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  1. My little guy is in Pre-k for this year at his daycare, which he has been attending since all of this began with the exception of about 5 weeks back in April/May. IF he was going to kinder I would definitely send him! Just after those 5 weeks home it was evident he needed to be back on a schedule of going to school, luckily that has worked out. Most smaller districts in our area have gone back and offer both in person and online options. The bigger districts are online only at least through September I believe.

  2. Sending lots of hugs and prayers as you prepare for the school year, and hoping your connectivity today is back to normal. I'm in awe of all the corn on the cob you guys have and hope the tomato sauce turns out ok <3

    Green Fashionista

  3. I love all of that corn you have from your garden! That's too bad about the tomatoes.
    I wish you luck with your decision about school.

  4. I loved reading this post and catching up with your life, Trista. Thank you for sharing. You have to be so busy with all the garden, freezing and canning! Wow! Great job! The work you put in now will be SO enjoyed come winter. I have thought about having us get chicks here, but I am nervous something will get them and I am afraid of the whole "pecking order" and worry that I will just stand out there with a broom in hand trying to keep them from hurting each other, LOL! So silly I know.

    Oh gosh, what a decision to try and make with schooling! I will be praying. I don't like to talk politics either, but I will say I feel like a lot of us are being sheep right now following along to a dangerous and not the right shepherd! We do need to take precautions, yes, but things seem to be getting out of control and some not making any sense.

    On a lighter note, your kitty is too cute, especially in that dump truck, LOL!

  5. I just typed a long comment and then the internet disconnected and I lost it. To summarize... way to go with the garden! I totally agree about the school/virus situation and also with Bri's comment above. If my son were younger (he's in 11th grade), we would definitely be considering homeschool or private school right now. Hang in there!

  6. I agree with you on the balance of risks and damage - here people are still waiting for basic dental care and the deaths are literally 2 and 3 per day. Also the toll on business and education... Saying that the shutdown seems to have worked (so far) for us. Either that has, or the fact most people have had it! Either way we can all agree we are ready to be done with this thing right! We thought it was all over and C back at school 2nd week Sept and heyho, my husband gets called for surgery and the third week of Sept we all hvae to isolate for two full weeks again. You have to laugh.

  7. Your farm activity is dreamy to me- I am so inspired! I am totally with you on everything you said- mental health is just as important and my kids' doctor agrees with us too- these poor kids have lost so much already- let them have some sense of normalcy already- geesh! Ok- done venting :)

  8. Oh what a pain with the tomato sauce! If you try another batch and it works, please share your wisdom! I have a lot of green tomatoes right now that will soon be ready to can and I'd love to give it a try.
    Such a bummer about your schools- prayers for wisdom!


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