Monday, July 20

vacation at pine knoll shores, nc

Well Friends, I’m dropping in today to share some highlights from our family vacation. 

We spent the past week basking in the sun and playing in the ocean at Pine Knoll Shores, NC, and it was absolutely perfect. 

We waited last minute to reserve a property due to the uncertainties surrounding COVID-19, but ultimately opted to quarantine shore side for a change of scenery. 

We stumbled upon a town home in Pine Knoll Shores via VRBO. We worked with the realty company that held the property to secure our reservation, and I can’t say how wonderful enough they were to work with. If you’re ever heading in that direction, touch base with the folks at Realty World - First Coast Realty. 

As part of the Crystal Coast, the waters at Pine Knoll Shores were a beautiful emerald green and the clearest we’ve ever seen the Atlantic Ocean. The beach was clean and had plenty of space for all beach goers, most of which were families.

We typically gravitate towards home rentals, but due to lack of options, we went with a town home. Upon arrival, we were more than pleased. It was much like a home and incredibly spacious even though it only “slept 6.” Everything was modern and beautifully decorated. The beds were oh so comfy and I will be adding a toaster oven to my wish list. The views were incredible and access to the beach was a breeze. We never felt uneasy or worried about the safety of our children. It was truly ideal. 

My Little Farmers really had the best time. They boogie boarded, jumped waves, dug holes in the sand, fished in the surf, and found buckets of beautiful seashells. My Farmer and I stayed up too late, slept in, napped, and relaxed. 

We did not dine out any due to COVID-19, but there looked to be many wonderful places to eat. The area also boasts an aquarium, and I know we would have loved to visit if it hadn’t been temporarily closed. 

All in all, we’ve decided this is our favorite North Carolina beach. There’s no question as to whether or not we will be returning.

Below are a few photos from our vacay. 

Even Little Farmers need to haul cattle and grade sand while on vacation. 

View from the upper level deck. 



Beach fun. 

First day on the beach, my farm flops tan lines. By the end of the week, they were burnt. Oops. 


Storm blowing in.

Sporting the best hat and sunglasses EVER.

We are just so thankful to have been able to get away for the week and enjoy all of God’s ocean goodness. 

Are you and your family vacating this year? If so, to where? Do you have a favorite beach?


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  1. What wonderful photos! We were just talking about taking a little beach getaway too and will definitely be waiting until last minute to book something so we can be sure to follow all Covid regulations and their ever changing rules.

  2. Ohhhh, I'm so glad your family was able to do this vacation, Trista! It looks like it was so perfect and relaxing. My favorite photo is the one of your Little Farmer's cattle and tractor!!!!!

  3. Yay so glad you guys were able to get to the beach and find a good rental property. And can we talk about how much I'm loving those sunnies?! <3

    Green Fashionista

  4. It looks like pure bliss Trista- so so beautiful! Glad you enjoyed :)

  5. Looks like a beautiful location! So nice to be able to enjoy a little change of scenery right now.

  6. Wow, that looks like such a wonderful beach vacation! How nice to spend time at the beach. I enjoyed looking at your photos of your trip to NC. :)

  7. The beach looks fabulous! Even the name 'Pine Knoll Shores' sounds so idyllic. Did you manage to eat out anywhere or by quarantine did you just have to stay in your holiday home and on the beach? Love your glasses - I would like some like that! Your flip flop tan line made me chuckle - but at least it is on your feet - I have a 'polo shirt line' half way up my arm, from one day, that will not budge (or 'fill in').

  8. So glad you are enjoying a wonderful getaway. We need one so badly! Even an overnight at the beach would do wonders for us. So, while you are there, build all the sand castles, read all the books, listen to the waves and enjoy every minute.


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