Tuesday, June 9

the trenches of motherhood

I have a confession. 

Sometimes I feel like I’m navigating the open waters without a compass or crawling inch by inch through the trenches. At times I feel lost, helpless, and defeated. I often ponder on where I’ve gone wrong, what I should have done differently, and whether any damage I’ve caused is irreparable. 

Then, with a simple observation of camaraderie between siblings, a brief display of affection, or an expression of compassion or servitude, the moment passes, and feelings of joy, pride, and thankfulness surge. I am reminded that even though I am not perfect, I am not a failure either. 

Parenting is HARD. Finding the right groove in which you encourage your child to become the best version of themselves while simultaneously correcting the errors of their ways seems impossible at times. Especially when the actions they exhibit are direct reflections of the parts of you that you’re not particularly proud of. 

It’s in the moments of uncertainty that I am learning to lean on God more and more each day. I pray daily for wisdom, patience, and compassion. I pray for guidance in the best ways to keep peace, for sparks of creativity on days when they exclaim “there’s nothing to do,” and for understanding in the moments of frustration - considering that He must endure the same roller coaster ride of ups and downs with me as His child as I do with my own. 

When I am in the trenches of motherhood, I pause, take a deep breath, and call on God for an extra dose of wisdom and patience. I remind myself that He loves me unconditionally and He is always in control. When I am weary and overwhelmed, I remember He is there. 

Despite the parts of the ride that are fearful, worrisome, and overwhelming, the roller coaster of motherhood is undoubtedly the most satisfying of them all.

Not to long ago I completed the Help Club for Moms Devotional, and I will never forget this statement by Deb Weakly, “raising your children for God is holy work.” What a profound reminder that our every day joys and struggles are our ministry as mothers. Whether on the mountain top of a day spent in harmony or in the valley of a day full of squabbles and ungratefulness, it will be worth it all. 

Children are truly a gift from God, and I know that I am blessed beyond all measure. The fact that He has entrusted me with three of them to raise in the nurture and admonition of the Lord is humbling, slightly terrifying, and not at all something to be taken lightly. My prayer is that my children would see more of Jesus in me and as a result, draw closer to Christ.

I pray you are able to draw encouragement from reading this. If you'd like to see more posts like these, let me know; and if you are leaving encouraged, please share so that others may be as well.


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  1. thank you for sharing this. Every day there seems to be something I feel like I'm not doing well when it comes to motherhood, but I am trying to remind myself that this is a crazy time and as long as im showing her love and affection and being present with her as best as I can then it's okay!

  2. So get yougirl, I even wrote a post on this once! And yes parenting is hard but I am here to tell you to get them passed the teenage years and it gets much easier! No, not every day is roses and you’re worrying about them increases but it gets better. xo

  3. I am certain you are doing a stellar job at raising your babies. Those who are concerned about how successful they are parenting are, in my experience, the best parents of all.

  4. I couldn't have said it better. I definitely need to look into myself for more patience and compassion. Parenting is definitely hard. But I think we are all doing a pretty good job and parenting does take a lot of work!


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