Friday, June 26

friday favorites: name that kitten

Hello Sweet Friends!

I am so happy to see Friday arrive. I've neglected this little space of mine lately more than I'd like, but the height of budget season has been upon us and deadlines have run amok. I do see a light at the end of the tunnel though. And I have a growing list of things I want to share when time permits. Until then, let's keep it short and sweet with a few favorites from the week.

I packed up my Little Farmers this week and headed to my parent's for a coupe of days. Having my mother and niece around to help with the kids while I work was such a blessing. My Little Farmers thoroughly enjoyed the change in scenery, and honestly so did I. This was my view while working. Knowing my Dad had sat in this very location while working on his computer brought on all the feels.

I also managed to squeeze in a short run while I was there. Instead of venturing down streets I didn't really know, I chose to tour the farm. It was kind of like a trail run - gravel roads and lots of hills. It was beautiful. And each field I passed brought back memories of all kinds. I did almost step on a tiny green snake, and the cattle in one field decided to run beside me, but otherwise it was perfectly peaceful.

I was finishing up some reports when I looked and saw the most beautiful sky. I ran outside and snapped this photo. Absolutely gorgeous. God is the ultimate painter.

Our dryer kicked the bucket. We ordered a replacement from Lowe's, but delivery isn't scheduled until the beginning of July. That was end of last week. So, I am trying my hand at pioneer living. We hung some clothes lines in one of our hay sheds and have been letting the sun do the drying. Aside from the towels coming out stiff as cardboard, everything else does great.

Our sweet Cricket had her first litter of kittens. Well, there is one kitten. I'm worried there were more and only one survived, but I have no evidence of any mischief. I've researched and asked around, and it isn't uncommon for first litters to be only one to two kittens. We're taking name suggestions as we speak. 

I saw this meme sometime during the week, and I literally laughed out loud. I definitely feel this way a lot of the time. How about you?

Well friends, that about sums up the highlights of my week. I imagine our weekend will be fairly packed. It is the last one before the 4th of July. We're hosting our family's annual reunion for the second year in a row next weekend and it'll be all hands on deck in preparing for the event. I'm still hoping to sneak in enough downtime to finish Reunion by Karen Kingsbury and get caught up on Instagram.

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Happy Weekends!

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  1. That sunset is beautiful! And that kitten is so cute! I don't think that I've seen one so small before. Sorry your dryer is taking so long to be delivered. Have a great weekend!

  2. Just added your blog to my Bloglovin' feed. And followed you on Facebook. Looking forward to getting to know you better, Pioneer Woman!! Love the photo of the laundry hanging to dry. I have a drying rack I use for most of my clothes because I can't afford for them to shrink. Stunning sunset. I keep saying I will get up to capture the sunrise but hasn't happened yet.

  3. I love the color of the sky and the pretty sunset. The kitten is so cute sleeping and good luck. Thanks for the blog visit for my Friday Favorites. Have a nice week. :)

  4. That sunset is amazingly beautiful. What a cute kitten. The duck meme is soo true right now.


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