Friday, May 29

friday favorites: thank you

Happy Friday, Sweet Friends! 

First and foremost, I want to thank each and every one of you for keeping my family and I in your thoughts and prayers, for your sweet words of encouragement, and continued support through this difficult time. The grief that comes with the loss of a parent is unexplainable. I cannot fathom trying to bear this burden without my Lord. The grace, comfort and peace that only He can provide is priceless and what’s kept me sane through all of this. Knowing my father is in His presence is everything. If you have never made the decision to accept Christ as Saviour, I plead with you to do so today. If you’re not sure what that means or have questions, please reach out to me and I will do my very best to help. 

Now, onto my favorites from the past week!

Dad’s services were on Friday. So on Memorial Day, I made myself resume some sort of normalcy. I woke up early, ran a slow five miles and then made my annual trip to our local greenhouse. Let me tell you just how much fun walking around the greenhouse during a pandemic was with my two youngest Little Farmers. (Enter sarcasm here.) My almost three year old insisted on driving the wagon while my almost six year old kept trying to sit on it to keep him from running over things. Cue the loud voices, bickering and crying that followed. And no, that wasn’t from me. I was trying to pick my plants at lightning speed while making that “mom” face, eschewing germs, and breaking a sweat. An hour and a half after we arrived, we left with beautiful hanging baskets, trays of vincas and tomatoes, sweat on our brows, and tears in our eyes. I have no doubt that the sweet folks who checked us out and loaded the car were sad to see us go.

I spent the remainder of the day planting the rest of our garden. I added four more rows of beans, four more rows of corn, around twenty tomato plants, and a handful of pepper plants. I was sore the following morning. I think I logged almost 30,000 steps that day. But I am so excited to see this grow.

In my commute back and forth to the hospital, I managed to finish listening to Next Year in Havana. I loved this book! If you at all enjoy historical fiction intertwined with sweet love stories, this book is for you. I really enjoyed learning so much about Cuba’s history too. ★★★★
Next Year in Havana
I received a set of wind chimes in memory of Dad. I have them hanging right outside our door where I can hear them easily as I sit at my makeshift home office. Every time they chime, it reminds me of him. I absolutely love them. 

I spent an entire evening this week planting all those red and white Vincas. My Little Farmers stayed busy with the Benzai Wigglin Water Sprinkler. They loved it. I always wonder about whether some of these kinds of toys are really all that great, but this one was a slam dunk. 

Banzai Wiggling Water Sprinkler (12 Foot Wacky Adventure Summer & Spring Sprinkle Spray Splash Toy - Backyard Fun ) (1 Pack) by Banzai

I have been wanting a screen door for our back porch for as long as I can remember. Well, it finally happened this week. I love being able to leave the door open and not have the cat and the flies come in along with the fresh air. I am contemplating painting it red. I think we need a little more splash of color on the farmhouse.

And... my day lilies are finally starting to bloom.

Lastly, I have a question. If you’ve been reading for long, you know this little blog and writing is an outlet for me. It’s not something I can do full time, but when time permits, I thoroughly enjoy it. I've been considering freelance writing. Have any of you ever tried it? If so, tell me all about it!

Hope your weekend is wonderful! 
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  1. I am so very sorry about your Dad. When my grandma passed, a friend sent windchimes to all the kids and grandkids. Such a sweet sentiment and love hearing them. I hope you have a sweet weekend my friend. Big Hugs!

  2. Thanks for the book recommendation! Will definitely check it out. The wind chimes are such a sweet gift. Hope you are hanging in there! ❤️

  3. Thinking of you and your family during this time. I am so jealous of the size of your garden! I hope you get a bounty of veggies! Next Year in Havana is on my to read list. Have a great weekend!

  4. I am so sorry to hear about your dad, and you and your family are on my heart and in my prayers. Sending lots of hugs! Admiring that amazing garden space of yours, and can't wait to see it grow <3

    Green Fashionista

  5. My heart broke when I heard about your dad, sweet friend. I have been thinking and praying for your family so often. The wind chime you got in memory of him will always be so special! When does your Littlest Farmer turn 3?! I am wondering if it's close to our baby, which he will turn 3 on June 18. Have a beautiful weekend, Trista!

  6. I love your new screen door and your chimes. You will always remember your dad when you look at them. Your garden area looks great. We used to do that and now we plant in old wine barrels. Have a great weekend!


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