Tuesday, August 14

#operationnomorefattyboop: update two

Well Friends, week two of my weight loss journey is complete. I was uber focused this week despite all of the obstacles that came my way. Twice this week did my Couch to 5k get delayed because of storms. Once did I run to the car pushing the stroller while rain and hail pelted me in the face. 

I find it comical and sweet how my Littles are handling this new and improved exercising mommy. One day, my Oldest Little Farmer did the workout with me. A second day, I was flanked on both sides by a Little Farmer. However, the Middle Little Farmer didn’t last long. About the time the app said run for the second time, he threw his hands in the air and said he didn’t have the energy for this and he was going to the house. Hilarious!

Highlights from the week:

Tricks I learned:  My new favorite breakfast is the Kind Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate granola bar. Also, when you stop drinking pop, a Diet Mt. Dew has serious punch when you need it.

Couch to 5K days completed: Two for a total of 3.38 miles.

Days over 10,000 steps: Two. Plus, I had two days that were super close to 9,000.

Little victories: I made brownies again this week. I only had one and took the rest to a family cook out. The brownies I made the weekend before, I took them to work to get them out of my kitchen. On our annual school shopping day, I picked up a  Chik-fil-A milkshake for my Oldest Little Farmer and my splurge was a Diet Coke. I stopped by the mall on Friday and strolled right past the Great American Cookie like a boss.

Regrets: Too many afternoon snacks. At first, I needed something to get me through and then it became a habit. So, this week, I’m only partaking in one if I really need to.

Weight lost: 0.8 lb for a total of 5.3 lbs.

Photos from the week:

Choosing healthy at family fun day at work.

The perfect afternoon snack for when you really need it.

Betty Crocker Milk Chocolate Brownies - my choice of splurge for the week.

Serious will power was exercised when I only ate what you see. I wanted more.

Next week goals: Minimize snacking and keep moving. I want to get in one more day over 10,000 steps and all three Couch to 5K workouts.

On to Week 3! I would love for you to join me on IG or just follow along - #operationnomorefattyboop!

update one


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  1. Good job!! I’d love to keep knowing what foods/meals you’re loving. That’s what I struggle with the most!

  2. You're doing great! I had to giggle at your stroller jogging story. This weather has been so crazy and it feels like it's been raining here for over a week. I love that your little farmer did the workout with you. Sierra Beautifully Candid

  3. Great job girlie! Have you tried the Dark Chocolate Cherry Kind bars? They are my fav and actually have a few less calories than most. Keep up the good work. The struggle is real. XO

  4. I think for week one I lost 2.5 lbs. Not snacking is sooooo hard BUT getting beyond the first week ,and a family get together, I think it's a bit easier now. Actually seeing some results is what motivates me to keep going. I'm with ya, let's keep moving!! Love me some babybel light, my toddler loves the packaging..haha

  5. You showed awesome restraint with the brownies!! Way to go girl on your latest achievements! xo, Biana- BlovedBoston

  6. Get it girl! Isn't it adorable when they try to join in and workout with you?
    Green Fashionista

  7. Awesome! I will join you in getting my afternoon snacks down to 1.

  8. Great job! Keep it up! Does the Kind bar fill you up for breakfast? Or do you have it with fruit and/or yogurt? Breakfast is the hardest meal for me. I'm not really into oatmeal/cereal. I've been snacking on fruit but didn't do so great with the gym/exercise this week.

  9. You're doing awesome!!! Smart minds think alike...I bought some of those baked Cheetos this week!


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