Tuesday, August 21

#operationnomorefattyboop: update three

Oh Friends, it has been three weeks now since I embarked on this weight loss journey. In some ways, the time has flown and in others it’s been a real struggle to get through the day without eating a whole bag of cookies. Anyone with me?

Let’s check out the highlights from the week. 

Things I Learned: I am still loving Kind bars. I have been eating these for breakfast and am amazed at how filling they are. I’m hooked on the ones with chocolate. Go figure. I am also mildly obsessed with Rachel Hollis. I discovered her podcast Rise and have listened to a couple of episodes already including: how I went from a size 14 to a size 2 and the science of hunger and body love. I’m not aiming for a size 2 or anywhere close, but I still learned so much from both of the episodes and can really identify with her struggles.

Workout Days Completed: Three. I only managed two Couch to 5K days for a total of 3.32 miles because my knees were starting to hurt. For day three, I threw in an oldie but goodie I had lying on my DVD shelf, Turbo Jam. 

Days Over 10,000 Steps: Four!! I am super proud of doubling my count from last week. My highest day was on Saturday - 12,310 Steps. 

Little Victories: I may or may not have jogged in place in my kitchen around 10 pm in order to meet the 10,000 step hurdle... twice. All because I told you I wanted to! So, thank you for the accountability. I also started my Couch to 5K one evening and it started to rain. Instead of dashing for the car and giving up, I took a break underneath a tree until it passed. This past week, two different people told me I was starting to look thinner. 

Regrets: I had not had any fast food since starting this journey until Thursday evening. It was a late night because of football, so we swung through McDonald’s to save time. I had enough calories for one of my favorites, a Filet O’ Fish sandwich. It was nothing like I remembered. It didn’t taste great and felt so heavy. Next time, I’ll just eat cereal when I get home. I did enjoy a planned splurge on Friday night - butter pecan ice cream in a waffle cone. What I didn’t plan on was the splurge on Sunday. My Farmer wanted to grab Chili’s for lunch and it’s my favorite. I had chips and salsa and the cajun shrimp pasta. The silver lining is that as much as I wanted to throw in the towel for the whole day, I held fast and kept my control for the remainder of the day. I even added in a long walk to help offset the carb overload. Maybe that one’s both a regret and a victory.

Weight Lost: 3.3 lbs for a total of 8.6 lbs. 

Photos from the Week:

My favorite breakfast food at the moment.

My shelter from the storm.

Butter pecan ice cream in a waffle cone.

Turbo Jam - the workout I did before I got married... almost 11 years ago.

Next Week’s Focus: Maintain the activity level from this past week. Keep on keeping on food and portion control wise. Oh, and if you have any great crockpot recipes, please send them my way! With school back in and football practices, dinner is getting more difficult, and I refuse to eat out. 

How was your week? Any tips or lessons learned? 

Now on to Week 4. I plan to share a one month photo update next round. Eek! I would love for you to join me on IG or just follow along - #operationnomorefattyboop.

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  1. Somebody is rocking it and it's you! We went for a walk yesterday and it felt so good! I need to get it back into gear!

  2. Keep that determination! Just please do not opt for cereal for dinner. Cereal is nothing but carbs and you don't need that at night time! Try the KIND Bar - Sea Salt and Caramel and it's the bar not the healthy grains (it's not a grain it's nuts, salt, and caramel and whoa nelly it's good!) Cannot wait to see that you have broke the 10lb mark next week!

  3. Congrats on another great week!! We went out to eat Friday for our splurge and I was super sad I couldn't eat as much as I wanted before getting full. On the flip side I did indulge in a massive piece of cheesecake and it was amazing!! haha I didn't even think about taking pictures, we have just had our starting weights vs current weight posted on a the fridge. I am 2 weeks in going into week 3 and at a 5-6 pound loss. Thank you for keeping this going, it's very encouraging. I eat the KIND granola so I will have to check out the bars.

  4. Congrats!! You are inspiring me - and others, too!

  5. Great job mama!!! I'm always pacing my house to get my steps in and my husband thinks I'm nuts, but whatever! One of my favorite crockpot tricks is chicken breast and whatever veggies I have plus a packet of dry ranch or italian dressing. Easy and everyone eats it!


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