Saturday, December 16

i am that mom...

That looks up 30 seconds before her oldest Little Farmer is about to have his basketball pictures taken and realizes he does not look ready to have his picture made. I asked him to come over to me real quickly because I wanted to tuck his jersey in again and make it look a little neater. As I was tucking it in, I noticed a lump of fabric in one place as though the jersey was bunched up. On further inspection, it was a SOCK. One I had been looking for yesterday! Ha!

What’s even funnier was that I’d already made a grand entrance by rushing in fifteen minutes later than we were supposed to. I basically sat my Littlest Farmer down onto a table and walked away to fill out the order form. While I’m sure all the other parents were trying to decide whether they sympathized with me or detested my lack of having it all together, I was thinking how proud I was that my Oldest Little Farmer had brushed his hair like I’d asked and how thankful I was that I’d stopped at McD’s to grab myself breakfast and a large coke with extra ice (because I was going to need it). 

Needless to say, I’m still working on this Mom of three gig, but I’m also pretty proud of myself. We could have been a lot later, he could have not brushed his hair, and I could have not had breakfast with a Coke. 

I know I said in my last post that I’d be taking the remainder of the year off, but I had to share that. Happy Weekend! 


  1. I say way to go!! I've helped my sister out trying to get her two kids ready before and it is no easy feat! I can't imagine if there was 3! You go girl!!

  2. Great blog! It's amazing to be a mama of 3! ;)


    Linda from Beauty And Tips

  3. And I'm glad you shared! As a mom of three boys that are now older, I can tell you, all your mojo shall return and you can just rejoice in those little moments that do go right! Merry Christmas and just know, you are a GREAT MAMA!! xo

  4. He brushed his own hair - that's a big deal and I get it. I am sure you are rocking out mom-of-three-hood a lot better than you could ever imagine. Give yourself a break! xo

  5. You have to count your wins. Having him brush his own hair is awesome.

  6. I've heard the jump from 2-3 kids is a doozy. I have no doubt you'll conquer it though. XO


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