Wednesday, November 1

a 30-something birthday girl's wish list

Hey there, November - you always do arrive in style by starting the month off right with my birthday! Since I'm still on maternity leave, I'm spending the day at home with my Littlest Farmer. No major celebration plans, just a low key dinner with family this evening and maybe some cake.

As I ponder over the last thirty some years and examine the person that I am today and the life that I lead, I am humbled by God's grace and goodness. I am nowhere near where I need to be in my relationship with Him, yet He still shows an abundance of mercy and patience. This girl is BLESSED, and I am so thankful for His salvation and the life He has given me. Happy Birthday to me!

On a less serious note, I did take some time to put together a few things I'm crushing on - some of these I'm in need of soon while the rest just strongly caught my eye.

As I look over these items, I'm thinking I must've been feeling cold when I picked these out. It is chilly here in Kentucky, and a bit rainy. Anyway, which are your favorites?


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  1. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a super special day and get a few items off your wish list!

  2. Happy birthday!!! I hope you have a wonderful day!! I love those slippers and that blanket! They look SO cozy!!

  3. Happy birthday!! Isn't amazing to look at your wish list now compared to what it may have been when you were 20? haha It's all about comfort these days!!

  4. Happy happy birthday! I love those flats and that jacket!! Great list!

  5. Happy Birthday!! Hope it was a wonderful day - filled all your favorite people (and maybe a gift or two from you great list....I love those flats!!)


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