Monday, October 30

what to buy a 7 year old

Well Friends, it's almost time to usher in the month of November. For our family, November holds lots of birthdays, including my oldest little farmer who will turn seven this year. My Farmer and I are so proud of the young man he is becoming and are humbled that God would allow us the privilege to be his parents.

As I look at the gift list I've put together based on the comments he's made over the last few weeks, I feel a tiny bit justified in feeling as though he's seven going on fifteen. Here are a few things he's specifically asked for and then a few I just know he would love.

1. Cowboy Hat
2. Work Boots
3. Wallet
4. Dress Shirt with Tie
5. Alarm Clock
6. Dictionary
7. Globe
8. Fleece Jacket
9. Lincoln Logs

Not pictured above... being the oldest farmer, he's always in need of clothes. And he loves to read, so I'd add books to the list as well. Plus, you can never go wrong with farm toys.

What would be on your seven year old's birthday list?

By the way, Friends and family reading this, the following have already been taken care of: the boots, the dictionary and the alarm clock.


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  1. When my son was 7 all he asked for was Legos.. legos oh and more legos! I love them.. especially when I step on them in the middle of the night on my way to get a drink of water! lol

    xo - Beth

  2. Aww, what a fun list! Happy Birthday to your little farmer!

  3. I love this list! It's such a catch 22 watching our boys grow but I love seeing the men that God is developing them into. We have a globe for A and he loves it! Whenever we go somewhere new or go on vacation he asks where it's at on his globe. Beautifully Candid

  4. Legos, clothes, books, shoes...repeat. LOL!


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