Friday, October 13

five tips for a new mom

Happy Friday, Lovelies! My littlest farmer is already five weeks old. Can you believe it? My time home with him is flying. I'm trying to tell myself to enjoy these sleep deprived nights because it won't be long before I'd trade them back in a nanosecond for the crazy hectic work days that I know are coming.

For this Friday's post, I thought I'd share some of my favorite things I've learned as a new mom - a few of which I came by the hard way and others I most likely will never master. So, whether it's your first child or your third, here are five tips every new mom needs to put into practice. 

[1] Sleep when baby sleeps. This one is really hard for me. When the baby is asleep, it is so tempting to do the other dozen things that I need/want to do. Like shower, eat, read, watch tv, blog, clean, etc. Baby naps at least a little in between each feeding, so I plan for one of those to be a nap. Everything else can wait. If you're not getting the rest you need, your patience becomes thin and everything else in life becomes more difficult. I'm really not a good napper, and I may think I'm not tired, but the moment I stop and rest my head, I'm out. I promise you, you're more tired than you even realize. 

[2] Say yes to offers of help. This is another piece of advice I am actively working on. When family and friends offer a hand, swallow your pride and your need to do it all and say YES! Our neighbor offered to bring dinner to us on her way home from work the other day. My first instinct was to politely decline so as to not trouble her. Ladies, I've learned that if people didn't want to help, they wouldn't offer. So, I pushed that first instinct aside and said that sounded wonderful. It meant I didn't have to put dinner on the table that evening, which turned out to be a real blessing because my littlest farmer was more fussy than normal. My mom and mother-in-law have made my grocery run for the last month. When they ask if we need anything, why yes, yes we do. You're sister-in-law stops by to say hi and offers to get the baby when he starts crying... please do. These extensions of help are a blessing and accepting them will keep your spirits higher and your energy up. 

[3] Shop online. I don't mind giving my grocery list to my mom or mother-in-law because it's not overwhelming. And my list isn't overwhelming because I ordered everything else online. Walmart recently started offering free two-day shipping for orders over $35. I also have an Amazon Prime membership. So, each week, I use one or the other and have everything I can delivered to my door. This is seriously a game changer. As long as you plan with just a couple of days notice, you can get most of what you need without even leaving the house. That saves you a lot of time, energy and anxiety. 

[4] Step outside. You need to make a point to get some fresh air every day. Grab the fancy new stroller you purchased and take baby for a walk. Read your book or play on your phone outside on the porch instead of inside cooped up. It's sometimes an effort, I know, to make yourself do more than look out the window, but the fresh air will wake you up and renew your spirits. 

[5] Stay flexible. As a new mom, your life is now more than ever on a schedule. Taking a trip anywhere takes planning, but even the best planning will go awry. That is why you must be flexible. You need to be able to adjust your plan or schedule on the fly. Doctor's check up take longer than anticipated - ask to stay a few moments afterward to feed and change baby. Dinner is going to be later than planned because baby has been fussy, no one will starve. You will get done everything you want to, but life with an infant means it may not happen smoothly or perfectly. Accept that fact and you'll save yourself loads of unnecessary stress and anxiety. Because the truth is you're the only one holding yourself to any higher standards. 

What advice would you give a new mom? What was your biggest struggle adjusting to life with an infant? 

ICYMI, I shared my littlest farmer's birth story earlier this week. 

Hope you each have happy weekends! 

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  1. First of all, yay to a smooth 3rd birth for you and your lil guy! Second, good advice, all of these were tough for me cause I am a go, go, go get it done myself kind of gal. I think I would be a more laid back take help mom if I had one now. Happy Weekend beautiful mama!!

  2. Isn't it amazing how much fresh air helps? When I was still sleep deprived and overwhelmed those first few weeks, a nice stroller walk around the neighborhood did wonders <3
    Green Fashionista

  3. Nothing like getting some fresh air. This is really good advice. Hope you all are doing well.

  4. #2 was the thing I had no problem saying yes too even though it was my first baby! I had no problem taking any help offered because I knew I needed it. I tell everyone accept help! haha

  5. This sounds like a great list! I don't have kids yet, but definitely something to keep in mind for when the time comes. I too have a hard time accepting help as I don't like to feel like I'm inconveniencing anyone. Although on the other hand I get frustrated when I try to help and people turn me down!

  6. Fresh air- yes! I would also say the best bit of advice I would give is to head out to a restaurant with your baby and your family. We went in a slightly off time- the baby slept and we all loved it.

  7. These are amazing tips. I followed most of them to a tee. I hope you have a good weekend!

  8. These are all so true! I admittedly struggled with most of these with my first. I'm hoping if we have a second I'll be better about them!

  9. You are a rockstar for balancing it all! I agree with all of these, and I'm especially thankful for the invention of Amazon Prime. That was such a lifesaver for us when we just weren't up for a Target run.

  10. Ahhh this post is great but it also is fabulous in that it reminds me why I am done with babies LOL! I'm so happy for you though!!! Great tips, mama!

  11. Great advice Trista, especially about the sleep. It took me a little while to figure that one out, but it so true and once you're running behind on sleep you lose perspective. You're a smart mama!! Have a great weekend!

  12. Great tips! My one advice would be to try and not sweat the little things. Soak up these precious moments and know that eventually the laundry will all be caught up and life will be back to normal, but that these moments are timeless. Enjoy it Mama! :)

  13. This sounds like great advice! I don't have kids yet, but when I do I'll be sure to check back to this list! 🤗


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