Friday, September 1

"wow, you look ready to explode!"

Said the man I passed by on my way out of the doctor's office on Thursday morning. I enthusiastically responded with a huge smile on my face "Well, thank you!" Of course it was laced with sarcasm, and he seemed a bit taken aback by my enthusiasm. But I'm hoping the next pregnant lady he passes by that is only days away from giving birth will not receive such a vivid confirmation that she does in fact look just like she feels. Am I being too sensitive? Tell me if I am.

Moving on.

Happy Friday, Friends!! And welcome to September! Let's take a quick look at my favorites from the week. Wait, I have nothing on my list to share and absolutely zero photos. It's not that I don't have any favorites, it's just that I did a terrible job of jotting down the things throughout the week that I would want to share and trying to recall anything blog worthy at the moment seems daunting. Basically, I'm lazy. So, let's embrace some randomness. Like... what's on my list to enjoy post pregnancy.

Lunch meat. I have wanted a cold deli sandwich for months, but the fear of listeria has kept me at bay.

Brownie batter. I have had to hand the bowl over to my Farmer every time I have made brownies these last nine months. The next one is all mine. 

Cookie dough. Our family has the best chocolate chip cookie recipe. It's so good that we've been known to make the dough and never bake the cookies. Making a batch while on maternity leave is definitely on my short list.

Mountain Dew. I have not completely abstained from pop because I must get my caffeine from somewhere, but I've tried to stay clear of what I consider the hard stuff and limit the caffeine I do drink.

Gorgonzola cheese. I love the Fuji Apple Chicken salad from Panera, but it has not been the same since I've had to request they leave off the cheese.

What did you miss the most while pregnant and splurged on the moment it was safe?

I hope everyone has a fantastic long weekend! Little Baby is set to arrive next Friday. We're hoping to get in an almost 3 year old's birthday bash and some last minute preparations between now and Baby's arrival. I seriously cannot wait to meet the newest member of our family... assuming I don't explode first. Bahahaha! 

Oh and ICYMI, I recently shared what was on my 3 year old's birthday wish list and the best baby shower gifts.

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  1. I don't think you're being sensitive. Some guys are just so clueless and filter-less. I've had a few really weird interactions with people when I was pregnant, but hearing that gets pretty frustrating! I missed all the things on your list too, but also wine and queso and feta. Hang in there! Hope you have a great weekend and a wonderful party for your son!

  2. So excited to see what you're having!!

  3. Oh bless your heart, you are deathly not being too sensitive. People need to stop and think before they speak. I hope baby comes soon but you get in all the things you need to do before hand. Won't it be fun to indulge in all those goodies again. Happy weekend sweetheart!

  4. Oh, handing over the brownie batter is brutal. Hubs doesn't even like it, so it gets washed down the drain over here. Happy Friday, Mama! I hope you are meeting that sweet baby soon!

  5. You go girl with listing what you look forward to after the baby arrives! I love that Panera salad too and the cheese DOES really make it! Have a great weekend!

    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

  6. Oh that list I remember feeling the same exact way with lunch meat and cheeses and cookie dough. Ugh! Hang in there mama! Also, I may have had my moments of sarcasm when people said stupid "is it a girl?" as they are looking at my baby dressed all in pink with a bow on her head and a pink car seat...Nope. And the comments at the end, I can relate! Have a good long weekend!

  7. You are so not being over sensitive! Almost time, so very exciting. Not sure I would be able to hand over the brownie batter bowl. Oh now I want some homemade brownies.

  8. I don't think you're being sensitive!! Oh man, I missed lunch meat sandwiches so badly when I was pregnant!!

  9. I definitely don't think you were being sensitive! I know some people have a strange need to make comments to everyone/thing they see, but really? And chocolate chip cookie dough is SO GOOD! I made some cookie dough yesterday for the sole purpose of freezing to add to some homemade ice cream I'm making tonight. I never get tired of chocolate chip cookies! I hope you have a nice relaxing weekend with no explosions ;)

  10. Oh some men are so stupid. I feel like it was always the men who made comments. Most women knew not to say anything negative! Um so I must've been a bad mom because I'm pretty sure I ate cookie dough and brownie batter- oops! They turned out alright :) Hope you are feeling well, and enjoy this weekend! Can't wait to "meet" number 3!

  11. I'm sure you're looking great. I'm think people just say things, because they want to say something, but they don't really know what. At least that's what I told myself! Also, my list was so similar to yours! A ham sandwich is what I requested after delivery!

  12. Coffee...highly caffeinated coffee!

  13. What did I miss? Hmm...being able to see my toes. I know that is stupid but for real. And I did tell a man to go **** himself when I was 9 months pregnant and got that same comment for like the sixth time in a day. I figured I could blame it on hormones and seriously it slid out of my mouth without a thought. 7 days, mama, 7 days! I cannot wait to see that precious kiddo on IG ( will give us a sneak of he or she, I hope!) xo

  14. One of my daughter's friends asked me three times if I was having twins last week, and every time I told her no, she said "are you sure?!" I feel you!! Baby week is next week for both of us! Enjoy the last few days before you can splurge on all of the yummy things!!

  15. I think that's all some people know to say to pregnant ladies...I've heard that with both my pregnancies. Enjoy these last few days<3 I know at this point in the game you are over it, but you may (at least I do!) look back and wish you could go back and relive those kicks in the tummy! So excited for you!

  16. I missed sushi and deli meat. I only had cooked deli meat a couple of times. But I totally missed sushi.

  17. One of my friends is due at the end of the month and she was just talking about the two things she can't wait to eat. Lunch meat and sweet tea!


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