Friday, August 25

friday favorites: let's go shopping

Hey Friends, it's Friday!! And I am looking forward to a low key weekend. I do have a hair appointment on Saturday and I'm pretty sure my Farmer will spend the weekend knee deep in hay, but I'm planning to rest and relax. Baby day is coming soon, right? Well, not according to my doctor's appointment on Thursday - Little Baby is determined to stay put and that means I'll most likely be sporting this bump for two more weeks. God's will is perfect. And so is His timing. Patience is a virtue, too. Okay, pep talk is for me - not you.

So, let's get to some favorites from the week. I've been extra click happy and have done a ton of online shopping, so I thought I'd share the things that have prompted me to click click click.

Not to long ago, I picked up my first pair of Ja-vie flats when they were having a $29 flash sale. I haven't actually worn them because I don't want to stretch them with my swollen feet and ankles, but I did try them on and walked around in them enough to know that I loved them. So, when I saw another flash sale was happening, I couldn't pass it up. I picked up the black cap/white flats on Thursday and cannot wait to wear these. I will for sure have the most comfy and cutest flats post-pregnancy and swelling a girl could ask for. Not sure how long this sale lasts, but head over and check it out if you've been wanting to try them!

Black Cap/White Flats 

I really needed some nursing/maternity pajamas and found this shirt, shorts, and pants on Motherhood Maternity. The reviews are awesome so I'm excited to get these. I love the color and who doesn't want to stay in pajamas all day when there's a newborn in the picture... or even when there's not?

Pajamas All Day Nursing Sleep Top, White     Maternity Sleep Pants, Palm Print

A few weeks ago, I was on the hunt for a new bag. I came across this one and loved it, but decided it would make for a better diaper bag than my every day purse. It dawned on me this week that I didn't yet have a diaper bag! So, I ordered this one and am anxious to have it come in. It really is so pretty in the pictures.

Gray Stripe Tote Bag by White Elm -The Aquila (New Edition) Canvas & Vegan Leather

My youngest will turn three in September. We're hoping to party before Baby arrives, but also know that may not happen. Either way, I'm trying to be more proactive in planning this party. He has requested a farm theme. I found this design on Party City and I think he'll love it!

These are the best cups. We already have some clear ones that are 20 oz, but I wanted to get a few smaller cups. I picked up a set of 8 oz in Ruby Red and 5 oz in Amber. I can't wait for these to come in. The boys can drink out of these and I won't have to worry about them breaking if they're accidentally dropped.

Carlisle 5526-8110 Stackable Shatter-Resistant Plastic Tumbler, 8 oz., Ruby (Pack of 6)

Well, that about sums up my shopping spree! Let the spending freeze begin. I'd love to hear what you have been purchasing lately!

I hope your week has been good and your weekend is stacking up to be fabulous!

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  1. Those cups remind of the old school Coca Cola cups that restaurants used to have! I remember buying pajamas after pregnancy...I never wore them LOL. I was in "get dressed and get pretty mode" - I know I'm weird. I can admit it! Yipppeeee for a birthday party. I'm already missing the small gathering party for my son this year but tomorrow is the BIG birthday party! ENJOY your weekend!

  2. Wow, love the PJs and that party theme is so cute! Hang in there, girl!

  3. Love those pajamas! The baby waiting game is tough, hang in there!

  4. Love those flats and the PJs! I need to find out about these flash sales!

    The farm party theme will be so sweet. My guy turns two in September, but I can't even think about a party, so we're going to the zoo. He is so excited! Happy Friday!!

  5. I was the most impatient end of pregnancy lady ever. Hope you get to meet your squish so soon!

  6. I love those pajamas! One of the best gifts I ever received was a pair of pajamas from my girlfriends at my Baby Shower!

  7. Happy Friday! Those PJS look so comfy and what a cute bag! I'm weird and never actually carried around a diaper bag. I just used a larger tote and made that my bag/baby bag. I hope you have a nice relaxing weekend! Beautifully Candid

  8. LOVE that bag, gimme all the stripes! Enjoy your hair appointment and the pampering this weekend <3
    Green Fashionista

  9. Those flats are really cute! And after being gone for a week, the only thing I've been purchasing is groceries! I did actually pick up a shirt from H&M as well as a shirt from Banana Republic, so I guess I did get a couple fun things ;) Hope you have a great weekend!

  10. Thank you for the heads up on the sale. I hope I can score a pair.Those pjs look so comfy and I totally rocked pjs for awhile after my girls were born. Love the bag you chose for your diaper bag. Not traditional and can be worn for a long time. A farm theme party will be so cute. Have the best weekend!

  11. This is super Duper crazy but I just saw those flats on a lady today at Chick-fil-A! I was thinking how cute and comfortable they looked. I hope this weekend brings you a lot of joy!

  12. I saw the pjs and those, going to order...and then I saw they were nursing jammies. Sigh. Don't need those...BUT those flats I can do!! Thanks for all the great links! Enjoy that low-key weekend!!

  13. That bag will be really cute as a diaper bag, and those pajamas will be perfect! Enjoy your weekend! :)

  14. Can't wait to hear your review of the shoes! Oh my goodness, can't believe you're going to have a party to throw shortly after baby arrives! Hope you are feeling well!

  15. Those cups always make me think of the best diners. I think it's a requirement to have those cups!

  16. Oh I love those flats! I have three pairs of them and just love them. They are the best.

  17. Cute pj's and diaper bag. I'm getting anxious for you and the arrival to find out what that little bundle is ❤️


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