Monday, August 14

boy or girl: 10 old wives' tales

Baby #3 is set to arrive in less than a month and we have no idea whether baby is a boy or a girl. We have chosen this route with all of our children and have loved every minute of the not knowing adventures. You can read more on the reasons why we chose this route in this post.

But for now, let's play a game! I thought it would be fun to list ten old wives' tales and see what the prediction would be based on those. And then, I would love to know what you think as well! Do share your guess in the comments.

Friday, August 11

friday favorites: the kitchen reveal edition

Hellooo Friday! Let's kick off the second Friday in August with a few favorites from the week.

ONE | I am thrilled to report that my kitchen remodel is complete! I love everything about it even if I do not love how long it took. Here are a few photos of how it came together.

Monday, August 7

getting things done and tbb asks

Well Friends, we are at most a little over four weeks away from meeting this little one, and I am so thankful to report that this weekend was an extremely productive one.

Related image

My sweet Mama came down and helped me take on the baby prep list. There's still plenty to do, but the crib is finally in place (no bedding yet) and the minor bathroom overhaul I wanted to do is complete (even if it turned out to be anything but minor).

I mentioned on Friday that our kitchen is being remodeled - the contractors worked on Saturday and we are super close to it being fully functional. When it's complete, I'll share my new cooking domain and my experience with remodeling. There have definitely been some ups and downs.

Friday, August 4

happy friday: wins for the week

Friends, I'm tired. I think the third trimester hit hard this week. Combined with another hectic week at the office, I am simply zapped. And as I look through the photos on my phone to see what might be worth sharing with you on this lovely Friday, I am coming up short. More than short. I have zero photos from the week. Zero.

So, I think I'll approach this Friday Favorites post with a few wins from the week sans photos.

We've made BIG strides in the potty training department with Little L. As a matter of fact, I'm a hair away from calling him fully trained. He's wearing undies all day long and staying dry. At night, I'm still putting a pull up on him but he's woke up three out of four mornings still dry. So, this weekend we will completely do away with any sort of non-undie. Can I just say how happy I am that I won't have two in diapers at a time?!

Tuesday, August 1

3 reasons to choose gender surprise

As most of you know, we are expecting Baby #3 in a short few weeks. What no one knows, not even myself or my husband, is whether Baby is a boy or girl.

More than seven years ago when we were expecting our first child, we made the decision to wait until Baby arrived to learn whether we'd be blessed with a son or a daughter. We have since taken this approach with all of our children and have absolutely loved it every time. We currently have two boys, and the entire family is anxiously awaiting to see what Baby #3 will be.

If you're currently expecting or hope to be someday in the future, I want to share with you three reasons to choose gender surprise.

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