Monday, July 3

monday musings: a confession post

Hello Lovelies - Today, I just feel like sharing a whole bunch of randomness. So, let's imagine we're catching up over a scrumptious breakfast and hot chocolate (since I don't drink coffee.)

Do you know what's worse than having the stomach bug? Having the stomach bug while seven month's pregnant. Saturday started off perfectly normal and in high spirits. Then, that evening out of nowhere I started not feeling well and the rest is too gross to share. I'm pretty excited to WANT to eat this morning. I was worried I'd end up hospitalized because I couldn't even keep water down until yesterday. I am so thankful that God is taking care of me. I'm also praying that the rest of the family is spared!

I spent some time watching Gilmore Girls reruns when I was feeling so yucky. This may be one of my favorite episodes. It's shortly after Jess arrives and he and Luke are trying to figure out how to communicate.  

You know what? I have a different appreciation for Jess now having watched the new episodes of GG.

I had a small moment of panic/excitement the other morning while driving to the grocery store. The bank sign read July 1st. I was thinking about how I couldn't believe it was July already. Summer wasn't too terribly far from coming to an end. School would be starting soon. And, Baby #3 would be here in two months. Wait, what?? It occurred to me that we have done nothing to prepare for Baby's arrival. We haven't discussed names. The crib, which is currently being used as a toddler bed, needs converted back to a crib. That means we need to get a new bed for Little L. I haven't gotten out any of the baby clothes from the previous two kids (all neutral clothing). We haven't had our ritual super clean day where both my mom and my mother-in-law come and we clean the house from top to bottom, purge everything in preparation for our new addition. I haven't even filled out the forms for my FMLA. Eek!

I'm pretty bummed about the corn in my garden. Everything was growing and looking so lovely. Then, on Saturday when I pulled in from going to the grocery store, I found two free range cows nipping the tops off. I was first livid and then heartbroken. My Farmer says there is probably no hope for what they've eaten and we need to replant. I don't think I have it in me.

I need to pray more. I mentioned I've been reading my Bible more, but I need to pray more. Specifically in regard to my children and my parenting. It seems like there are so many days where I lie in bed thinking over the day and knowing I can do this better. I need wisdom from God in how to handle certain situations. I can't help think about Solomon and his wisdom in dealing with the two women who were fighting over the living child after the one died. Both were claiming the child was theirs. He knew exactly how to handle the situation. I want that kind of wisdom. And I could definitely use some more patience.

Some of the family went out on the lake on Saturday evening, and my sister-in-law snapped this absolutely gorgeous sunset. She has the newest iPhone and I'm not kidding when I say her photo quality is superb. The pictures she takes of the boys are so professional looking!

Since I'm vacating today and tomorrow is a holiday, we decided this little four day home stretch would be an excellent time to attempt to do away with pull-ups during the day. My Farmer had a nice little big boy talk with Little L Saturday morning and would you believe he is doing pretty well!? He's only had a few accidents and they have been spread apart. I so hope we are getting there because I am not interested in having two in diapers/pull-ups!

On Saturday morning, in preparation for a family get-together, I threw together these 4th of July cookies. Seriously, the easiest thing I have ever done. I was pretty proud of myself. I'll share the recipe in a different post - if you can even call it a recipe.

I have a bit of exciting news in regard to the blog. You no longer have to type in "" to get to The Classy Chaos. I finally took the time to purchase the domain and now you can go directly to! I think what propelled me to finally do so was having to type out all the time when leaving comments on other blogs. Am I lazy or what? Also... I am super stoked and very humbled to have been nominated by Jenna who writes at Tractors and Glam for the Blogger Recognition Award. I hope to post about that later this week.

Last week I had a baby check appointment. It was glucose test day. I haven't heard anything from the doctor's office, so hopefully all is well. They did advise I get the whooping cough vaccine. When we had Little L, I had to get the vaccine before I left the hospital with him. Now, because whooping cough is making such a come back, they recommended I get it while pregnant so that baby gets some of the immunities before making his/her arrival. Friends and family's shots are still good for ten years though. Anyway, my arm is so sore where they gave me the shot.

Well, I'm betting you're ready to get on with your day - if you stuck with me this long! Thank you for stopping by and having a cup of hot cocoa with me. I hope you have an awesome Monday!


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  1. Awe! You poor thing! I hope you are feeling better and that corn magically regrows for you!! Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Thank you! I am definitely on the mend! Hoping tomorrow is back to a 100%. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Ohh, I'm so sorry that you've been sick, and to have a stomach virus while pregnant would be awful! I hope you're feeling 100% soon and that it skips the rest of your family. I'm amazed at all you are accomplishing with your littles and being pregnant! Make sure to take a little time for yourself too. :)

  3. I'm sorry about your corn and the bug! Stomach bugs suck (unless it helps you lose 5 pounds when you're actually trying to lose weight!) I guess you're sorta right about Jess after the new episodes, but I still kind of hate him. I'm Team Logan all the time, but maybe that's just me living vicariously hoping that one day it'll turn out that Robert was secretly a millionaire and was testing me! Ha! Have a great 4th of July- the stuff that is important for baby will get done in time!

  4. Darn rogue cows. Bless you with that stomach bug and being pregnant. It is worse enough when you are not growing a little one! I think that with subsequent pregnancies we become more lax about preparing. I consider you totally normal. You'll be fine and everything will happen as it should for this little sweet heart. XO!

  5. Hi Trista! I'm so sorry you had the stomach bug! Seriously, I must have dodged that bullet about thirteen years ago because I seriously don't ever remember being pregnant and sick like that at the same time. I hope you're feeling better soon. As for GG, Alise and I are nearly done with the whole series! We're on season 7 and have enjoyed it so much! I will never be able to look at Jesse again without seeing him as Jack on This Is Us! Love that show, by the way! I hope you and your family have a wonderful 4th of July!

    P.S. I'm your newest follower, too!

  6. Oh no! The stomach bug sounds so awful. At least you had some Gilmore Girls to keep you company. Jess is my favorite! :) And I love that clip. Ugh- how awful to see your corn destroyed. I felt unprepared and distracted with my 2nd, but everything did come together. Love the top-to-bottom cleaning help, how wonderful that would be! Hope you are feeling much better soon. And congrats on the new URL and the blogger award!

  7. Happy 4th of July! Hope you're feeling better. The stomach bug is never good.

  8. Happy 4th of July! Stupid cows! Seriously, that sucks about your corn. Cows are the worst. I also love that episode of GG. I am Team Jesse for some reason :) Have a great 4th with your family!

  9. Those red, white, and blue cookies look so good! I'm sorry you had the stomach bug, but that scene pushing Jess off the bridge is one of my favorites, too haha! I hope you have a great week :)

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  10. Hopefully you are all better! I remember when I was pregnant with my 4th I could think about making it to the hospital and having her but I could never wrap my head around actually bringing another baby home. haha

    Shelly||The Queen in Between

  11. SO glad you are feeling better and so sorry about the corn! That is a huge bummer! I'm catching up today, so don't even mind all these comments! You were good about getting on the blog even sick! (Love the new domain name!!)

    I hear you about being more consistent in prayer!


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