Saturday, June 17

having a prepared heart - Ezra 7:10

Hey Friends - I'd like to share my heart with you this evening. I've started following a one year Bible reading plan that I found on the YouVersion App. I'm several days in and am loving it so far. I really enjoy the order of the books of the Bible in this plan, and I don't feel overwhelmed at all to finish each day's reading. It's seriously doing my heart good to be in His Word every day.

I thought I would share one of the verses that stuck with me from Saturday's reading.

Ezra 7:10 says "For Ezra had prepared his heart to seek the law of the Lord, and to do it, and to teach in Israel statutes and judgments."

Ezra prepared his heart. He prepared his heart, not his spouse or his children, or the preacher or the teacher. Ezra prepared his own heart. He prepared it to seek the law of the Lord - to discover what God had to say. He not only sought out God's Word, but once he found it, he prepared his heart to actually do it. Furthermore, after he learned God's law and started putting it into action for himself, he then prepared his heart to teach others how to do the same.

Wow - God really spoke to me with this verse. It is MY responsibility to prepare my heart - for church, for reading my Bible, for praying... And I'm not certain I do a very good job of that. Being rushed before services to get there on time sure doesn't help. Everyone's flustered, agitated, and cranky because no one wants to be late. I'm certain my heart isn't adequately prepared for the sermon or lesson if I'm feeling like that. I don't always wait until bedtime to do my Bible reading, but when I do, I'm so tired already that it takes serious focus not to fall asleep while reading through the chapters. I can't imagine my heart is going to be very receptive to what God has to say if I'm barely comprehending what I'm reading.

And if my heart's not properly prepared, what am I missing out on? I'm certainly not going to be able to put something I've heard into action, much less be an example or show others how they can do the same.   

I want to better prepare my heart. I want to attend services expecting to receive something from God. I want His Word to speak to me when I read it. How can I do that?

For me, taking notes and highlighting key verses are two of the things I can do that will help me stay more focused. I can have everyone's clothes laid out ahead of time instead of trying to get ready in a rush. I can plan to arrive early enough to get everyone dropped off to their respective classes without being in a hurry. I can read my Bible earlier rather than later in the day when I have some time where I won't be disturbed - like on my lunch break or before everyone wakes up in the morning. I can do these things - the challenge is making the right choices a priority and following through with them. Ironically, it's a matter of preparing to be prepared.

Do you have a prepared heart? How do you or how can you better prepare your heart - so that you can hear God, do what He says and teach others?

Friends - I would love to hear your thoughts. Also, let me know if you enjoy these sorts of brain dumps. If so, I may try to do more of them. 😃


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  1. I really liked reading this post. Now you have me wondering how many times have I missed out because of choices I have made? What a great reminder to prepare our hearts for God. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I hope I'm ready for God, I tell myself I am but I think all of us can strive to be better & this post is the perfect reminder! Happy Monday beautiful lady, hope it's a great start to your week!

  3. Stopping by from the Weekending linkup, and this was such a great post to read on a Monday morning. This is something I need to work on too, I can definitely relate to waiting until the last minute to read my bible or do my devotions, and then I'm rushing or not really putting all of my focus into what I'm reading.

  4. This post is a perfect reminder that we have to be ready to accept God's graces. Great reminder for the day.

  5. I love this!! I don't allow myself to do anything that isn't baby related in the morning before I read my daily Bible study. That way I keep myself accountable, and after doing it for so long, now I crave that time in the morning!

  6. This is excellent wisdom! I am living this way now too and blogging about it. It is a new and life giving way to life, but also requires me to be more intentional and causes me to have to say no to more things so I can yes to the things that matter. I'm always inviting guest writers at my blog and this topic is within my niche, if you'd be interested let me know! Thanks for sharing this impactful message with us. Your neighbor today at #TuesdayTalk

  7. Yep, love the brain dumps, do more of them! I'm right there with you, wanting to be more prepared to connect with God and taking some logical steps to get there. You have some great ideas here! Thanks for sharing!
    Laura at Fantastically Four

  8. This hits me right in the spirit. I am guilty of putting not God but good practices on the back burner. I always am the girl who is talking to God - hashing out ideas and thoughts - but when it comes to reading the scripture I am not very good. When it comes to my prayer journal? My last entry was months ago. And church? Oh I'm so embarassed but after my Sunday School duties were over for the year I haven't really attended. I know that is plain terrible and really not in my true character. My heart, though I feel is prepared, is not. I need to recultivate and it felt good to spill this heart dump right here on your blog. XO


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