Friday, December 30

friday favorites: the staycation edition

Happy Friday, Friends! I'm actually a little sad to see Friday come. It reminds me that my staycation is quickly coming to an end. I realized yesterday that I really have nothing productive to show for it. So, to foster some motivation within, I made a list (because I can't function without one) and am now slowly starting to mark a few things off. I have through Monday to conquer it all. Tuesday will be a reality check - for the entire family. Nevertheless, I am so thankful for the time off and the time home with my boys. God is good.

Since my week has been filled with a ton of laziness and a few mundane chores, I really have very little to share with you - that wouldn't bore you to tears, of course. So, instead of chatting about how many loads of laundry I folded, or how my children were constantly asking for a drink and a snack, I thought I'd share some random thoughts.

I never knew a vacuum cleaner could bring so much joy. My mama got us a Shark for Christmas and I am in shock at how much more awesome it is than the vacuum we had before. I love how easy the Shark is to navigate. I've used it twice, and I'm a bit embarrassed to say that it already needs emptied... gross.

I started reading Janet Evanovich's Turbo Twenty-Three. I must admit, if something ground breaking doesn't occur between Stephanie and either Ranger or Morelli in this one, I'm probably going to throw in the towel on the series. The mystery aspect of these novels is losing its edge... maybe five to ten books ago. I know they are supposed to be funny, but I really don't feel like this one is even realistic.

Speaking of books... I caught some great deals on Amazon this week and scored some highly rated novels for cheap. On my to-read shelf sits the following:
I should be set for awhile. But in the interest of saving money on books (because I'm certain I spend way too much), I'm making it a point to check Amazon's Deal of the Day every day from now on.

I am ridiculously excited about the new bag I ordered from Thirty-One. I used to be a Consultant with Thirty-One a few years ago and always had the latest and greatest. But since I hung up my hat on that endeavor, I haven't paid much attention to what was out there. I happened to see the Outlet Sale advertisement on Facebook yesterday and scored this beauty - the Diamond District. Is the Gatsby's Green Pebble color not gorgeous? And at 73% off?? I can just picture it on my arm now. Swoon.

I've been thinking about 2017 and what goals I want to set for myself. There are so many things I want to do differently or better or not as much of, but I know I need to pare this list down to something a bit more manageable. I have a better chance of success if I focus on a small few as opposed to a daunting many. I plan to finalize them over the weekend and will share them with you next week!

I spent entirely too much time putting this blog post together. That is what happens when you forget to blog for almost an entire year. 

Well, that's all the crazy random in my brain at the moment. I have to admit, being on vacation from our regular routine and from work has caused my brain to work more slowly! I guess that means I'm vacating the right way.

We have zero plans for New Years Eve, and I couldn't be happier. I'm pretty sure I haven't watched the ball drop in years... Maybe this year will be different. Come to think of it, this will be my last post of 2016. Cheers! And Happy New Year to you and your family!

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  1. I LOVE the Shark. You are so right, it is funny how much joy a vacuum can bring to a person. :) I am wanting to read "All the Light We Cannot See". That is on my list. Happy New Year.

  2. Girl, a vacuum can speak right to my heart and I know that is wrong on several different levels LOL! I really like the Oreck Mag um ok cannot remember the name but the thing is awesome however it costs like $900 so yeah no. I started a Dorthea Benton Frank novel last night...never read her work and that sounds crazy since I'm a Carolina girl. So far so good. I also scooped up Truly, Madly, Guilty on my Kindle. I love that you have had a lazy week because I have too and I have ENJOYED IT! Next week will be culture shock. I got your back! xo

  3. I feel like we could be real good friends haha good vacuums are amazing, I also have a love/hate relationship with those books, and I have an unhealthy love for 31. Stopping by from High Five for Friday, nice to meet you! Happy New Year!

  4. Oh, I'm excited to hear about All the Light we Cannot See! I've been wanting to read that one for a while. Paper towns was great! Are the Amazon Deals of the Day only for kindle books or paperbacks too??

    1. I just may make Paper Towns on deck for my next read! I actually got the hardback version of All the Light We Cannot see one day for a Lightning Deal. The others were Kindle Daily Deals!

  5. I bought a Dyson a while back, and after hearing so many great reviews of the Shark, I'm a tad jealous! We're having a low key NYE, too, and I am so happy! Have a great 2017!

  6. I used to read those Janet Evanovich books way back when..I can't believe they are still going! And Stephanie STILL isn't with a guy!? haha that's ridiculous. We have a Shark and it really does make vacuuming more fun. Is it weird I strangely enjoy dumping it out when it gets full and seeing all the stuff it picked up!?

  7. I hear you on the Stephanie Plum books - I used to buy the books (anyone want to buy One through Twenty-One?) but now I just borrow from the library.

    One of my 2017 resolutions is to declutter & as part of that I am having a yard sale.

  8. Happy Friday! Congrats on your H54F feature today! So fun! Love the gorgeous bag you scored such a bargain on!! Wishing you and yours a Happy New to come!
    - Brenda //

  9. I haven't made it to watch the ball drop in years either and I am perfectly happy about that! Happy New Year!!

  10. I've read Firefly Lane. It's been years, but best I can remember I liked it :)
    Your new purse will be adorable.
    Congratulations of H54F featured fun!!!
    Happy New Year and enjoy the rest of your staycation!!!

  11. We have a Shark vacuum and I LOVE it!! It's amazing how much it picks up and I love how lightweight it is. I used to read that Janet Evanovich series and gave up on it a while back for the same reasons. It used to be hysterical but the storyline has been drug on way too long.

  12. I need to know more about this vacuum!! Ours hasn't been working great for a while and just today I vacuumed after the Christmas tree and I think the pine needles finally killed it. :(

  13. I need to check Amazon's deal of the day. I never really pay attention to it. Also, I love your new purse! That color is to die for. :) Happy New Year's!

  14. I love finding other boy moms:) I just feel like we "get each other!" Hehe. P.S. Green is my favorite that purse-I'll have to look it up!

  15. That bag is super cute! Thanks so much for sharing!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls


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