Saturday, November 12

time flies when you're having fun

Well, hey there. My, how time flies. It's been almost an entire year since my last post. Honestly, life happened. I couldn't juggle it all and some things were simply shoved to the back of the shelf, like this blog for example...

Which I've been thinking about lately. A few friends of mine have asked about it, claimed to miss reading my ramblings, and suggested I jump back in to posting again. I will admit that I do miss blogging, but time is precious and always seems to be in short supply. Even so, I find writing therapeutic. As such, I am thinking about knocking the dust off of her...

I probably won't be posting quite as often nor in as much depth as I did in the past, but it would be more frequently than say... once a year! My renewed goal is that blogging stays purely enjoyable. No stress or pressure to get a certain number of posts out per week. I only intend to post when the creative juices are flowing. Plus, I need to learn how to do short and sweet as opposed to long and complicated.

Ironically enough, I'm already piecing together a list of things I need to tell you about. A lot has happened in a year! I am seriously making a concerted effort to not spill the complete content of my thoughts out in this very post. Patience grasshopper...

So, what do you think? Anyone still interested in the ramblings of this working mom trying to juggle the everyday chaos that life throws her with some ounce of class? Do say hello if you are. It would truly make my heart smile.

Hope you're having the loveliest of weekends...


  1. Welcome back! I've taken a step back from blogging as frequently as well, and have learned you don't need to post 5 x's a week and it's your space so you do what's best for you. Looking forward to seeing new posts <3
    Green Fashionista

  2. Welcome back girl!! Can't wait to start reading again! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. I can't wait to hear how everything is going. Glad you're back in action!

  4. I'd love it if you popped back in every now and then when you had time! I am a bit scattered with posting, and sometimes I think about stopping the old blog, but then I realize that I actually really like it. Oddly enough my husband thinks it's great because then we can remember things that happened...we both apparently have horrible memories! Can't wait to hear about what you have been up to. :)

  5. Welcome back! I hope occasional blogging is fun for you! Definitely don't want to turn a fun thing stressful!


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