Monday, November 9

weekend reflections: let's get deep + a birthday party

Well hello, Monday. You represent a new day, a new week, and a fresh start. I plan to take advantage of that and am going to focus on finding a bit more balance in my life.

Our Sunday School lessons have been focused on balancing the four main areas of life: 1) Walk with God 2) Family 3) Work and 4) Self. Achieving that balance is not something that you simply conquer and mark off of a to-do list. Rather, it is something that you have to work at every single day for the rest of your life. 

I can promise you I am not very balanced. There never seems to be enough time, and one area or another is getting the shaft. My plan is to first focus on my walk with God. My personal study time and prayer life is pretty pitiful. I can't be the anything else that I need to be if I'm not walking close with Him. So, here's to a fresh start on reading my Bible and praying at least a few minutes each day.

Okay, moving on from my moment of seriousness. Let's chat about the weekend!

We celebrated Little J's 5th birthday! His joy and excitement was infectious. My heart was seriously bursting with happiness for this child. We were surrounded by lots of family and tons of love. Thank you to everyone who helped make his day so special! 

The menu consisted of BBQ sandwiches, baked beans, cole slaw, and plain potato chips. We picked up the BBQ from Sam's Club, and it was out of this world. Oh so yummy and oh so easy! I put it in the oven for about 45 minutes and it was perfect. We then, of course, had cake!  

I picked up all of the decorations at Wal-Mart. He really enjoyed the streamers hanging from the ceiling, the Spider-Man plates, and the table cloth. The decorations are still in tact except for the table cloth, which he was a little sad that I had to throw away.   

Little J was spoiled with some seriously great gifts. I think he was most excited about the TMNT Wallet that he received. He has carried it with him everywhere since. And it's the one thing he refuses to let Little L play with. Other favorites included the Muck Boots, Under Armor tennis shoes, Spider-Man activity book, and a giant floor puzzle. And so much more! I am so proud that he is so easy to please. He loved all of his gifts and was truly excited about each one. I hope that attitude of thankfulness and excitement for everything never fades. I know he loved the presents, but his favorite is having all of the people he loves together in one place. Melt my heart. 

Now, it's off to work with a refreshed and renewed perspective. A four-day weekend seriously does a mommy good. 

Hope you each have fabulous weeks!

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  1. Aww Happy Birthday! Love a good Spiderman theme birthday hehe!! It's great he's easy to please, that is so refreshing :) Happy Monday!

  2. I need to work on my balance as well...I think the same way you do about it! What a fun birthday party for little J...and the theme is just perfect! Happy Monday girl! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. the balance in my life is the worst--i hope you find yours! congrats on him turning 5! what a cute bday party. i need to try that bbq!

  4. I too need to work on my balance. Right now, I'm all over the place and cannot stand it. Love the Spiderman theme Birthday party! How fun!

  5. What a great party! Love the BBQ food choice!!

  6. I feel like I spend more time on 2 and 3 than anything else. But all are so important. Happy belated birthday to little J!!! How exciting, I love birthdays it didn't mean I was getting older I would celebrate them everyday. 5 is an important birthday!

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  7. I'm not very balanced either, and definitely something I need to work on. How fun was that party, such a neat cake :)

    Green Fashionista

  8. cute cute! love it!

  9. I hear you about the balance! It can be so difficult to find and maintain it, I agree that it is something that needs lifelong work and Monday's are a great day to start over trying to work on it!

    Now, I have to comment on your Spiderman party! It looks amazing! That cake!!! I am sure that you have a happy little one on your hands after that!

  10. His birthday looks so fun... and yummy! I liked your seriousness - finding balance in life is really hard. Always a quest I'm one. So glad you linked up today!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  11. Such a fun weekend!!! Glad he loved all his gifts. And balance is hard. Especially with young children.

  12. I have a good bit of work to do on finding balance myself. Thanks for the reminder, I need constant motivation!! Party looks great, I'll bet he just loved all the fun Spiderman touches!!

  13. I am so glad that Little J had such a great birthday! I think that your plan to have balance is a good one, and you seem like you are already doing such a great job. Most people don't even think about it, so you are already ahead of the curve there. I definitely need to get better at it myself for sure.

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  15. Missing your posts this week. Hope everything is ok!


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