Friday, October 23

happy friday

Hey there, Lovelies. It's time to welcome Friday with a little recap of the week. And in an effort to log a few more zzz's, I have full intentions of being short and sweet with this download. 

First up... Gilmore Girls is set to return!!! Based on this article, Netflix is planning to air four 90 minute episodes. Eek! I started watching this show when I was a junior in college. My girlfriends and I would meet in one of the student lounge's right after class to watch the newest episode and start on our homework. I've watched the full season once and am almost through it a second time. I am super psyched about this! Gilmore Girls is hands down my favorite show of all-time.

I did some shopping for the boys this week. Check out some of the super cute pieces I picked up from Belk. I can do some serious damage to my wallet on a one hour lunch break!
  Carter's® Appliqued Moose Tee Boys 4-7  Carter's® Printed 'Big Brother' 2Fer Tee Boys 4-7  Chaps Eastford Plaid Button Down Shirt Boys 4-7 
 Carter's® Dinosaur Sleep and Play  Carter's® Rocket Striped Sleep and Play  OshKosh B'gosh® Long Sleeve Striped Jersey Bodysuit   Carter's® 2-Piece Plaid Bodysuit and Corduroy Pant Set
I was already in the neighborhood, so I thought I might as well pick up my absolute favorite face wash - the Clinique Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser Mousse. And since lately I've been inspired by some of your make up posts, I splurged on mascara - the Clinique Lash Power Mascara in dark chocolate. I usually only wear the stuff on super special occasions but am thinking about making it an every day staple just to shake things up a bit. We shall see. Did I choose a good one? Because I honestly know absolutely zero about mascara.

So, even though I'm not a fan of Halloween, I do enjoy seeing my kiddos dress up like super heroes. The school they attend held their Fall Festival this week, and the Littles (mainly Little J) got to play games, take a hay ride, and eat lots of candy. I will not lie, these are seriously the two cutest super heroes you will ever see. 

By the way, in case you missed it, I confessed my struggles with the holiday earlier in the week. Would love to know whether you like, dislike or are somewhere in between when it comes to Halloween. (That rhyming was pure accident.)

I'm looking forward to the weekend. If all goes as expected, it should be fairly low-key. We have a wedding to attend on Saturday and then church services on Sunday. Mix in a few loads of laundry, a little bit of cooking and cleaning, and a whole lot of relaxation, and I'll see you back here on Monday.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

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  1. i think i'm the only person who has never seen GG! And i've heard such good things about it. i need to do a watching marathon before the new 4 eps!! have a great weekend doll!

  2. I can not wait for more Gilmore Girls, seriously the best show ever!!! Love the super hero costumes, and you grabbed some cute clothes!

  3. I never watched Gilmore Girls, but I'm excited that Netflix has been reviving a lot of old favorites like that and Full House. Hoping they'll do Family Matters and The O.C. next <3

    Green Fashionista

  4. I LOVE Gilmore Girls! I can't wait for it! Hope you have a great weekend =)

  5. I am so excited about the Gilmore Girls! Can't wait until it comes out. :)

  6. I think Wyatt's really going to get into Halloween this year, but we'll see. We're going to our Fall Festival at church on Sunday and I hope he enjoys it!
    I'll have to check that face cleanser out. I've always been a fan of Clinique but I've never tried their mascara.

  7. I think GG coming back is more anticipated than House of Cards lol! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  8. Your kids are adorable!!! So cute. And that clinique make up remover is the best, whenever I had to wear make up it worked so well to get it off. I don't wear make up often. and I'm so living under a rock, I've never watched GG.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  9. Great post Dear! Have a wonderful weekend:)

  10. Your kids are adorable!!! And I'm soooo excited about Gilmore Girls!!! And I love the lash power mascara!


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