Thursday, September 3

choose you this day whom ye will serve

I am not one who initiates discussion regarding controversial issues. In most circumstances in which politics or religion is being discussed, I refrain from sharing my point of view, fully knowing that I am in the minority. When specifically asked where I stand on an issue, I share my position and do so boldly, but I simply do not offer it up because experience has taught me that most people who ask are only looking for an argument. They're not interested in truly understanding why I believe a certain way nor do they respect the source of my stance.

Today, I am choosing to share my stance without being asked because my heart is broken. I often live in a bubble and pay little attention to the gravity of events going on in and around our country - there is truth in the statement "ignorance is bliss." However, today, after reading the articles, news reports and Facebook posts regarding the Clerk in Kentucky who refused to issue marriage licenses, I experienced a real fear for our way of life, a sincere conviction to no longer be silent.

It's no secret that our nation has turned its back on God. We have become a selfish nation with aspirations to acquire as many material things as possible and to live a life that fulfills our fleshly desires. This is what has become the norm, what is acceptable. It is our nature to serve self. Without Him, we cannot serve others, and will not. I am guilty of this. Even as a born again Christian, I have put my own desires before His, relying upon my own strength to make my way through this earthly life.

One would expect the world to advocate for worldly things, and Christians to stand for Christ. I am discouraged to hear and see so many brothers and sisters in Christ bow so easily when it comes to the standards of His Word. I'm not perfect and never will be, I fail Him daily. We are all sinners. However, that does not give us the authority to condone sin nor make it socially or lawfully acceptable.

Now is the time to stand for Christ, to stand for what is right. And, revival starts with me. As Christians, we need to seek His face and study His Word.  Kim Davis is sitting in jail for her stand on the Bible. She has harmed no one, she is only exercising her rights as a citizen.  Today, I have asked myself the following questions. Am I a strong enough Christian to do the same as she has done if I were in her situation? Is my faith firm enough that I could face the death threats, ridicule, and disrespect that she has experienced? I'm sad to say, I don't think I could. I'm too weak as a Christian. I'm filled with too much world and not enough Christ.

A wise preacher once said that born again Christians have two bulldogs living inside of them, the Spirit and the flesh. Whichever you feed more will be the strongest and will win in your decisions and actions. I have been feeding my flesh. It's time to strengthen the Spirit.  How does one feed the Spirit? Be faithful to church. Read and study His Word so that you may know and understand sound doctrine. Pray. Tithe. Share the love and forgiveness that Christ offers with the lost.

Despite what the world currently thinks, it needs Christ. More than ever.

In addition to my prayers for the godly lady sitting in jail today, my prayer is this... Lord, let their be revival in this great nation that was founded upon You. Let that revival start with me. Create in me a clean heart, O God: and renew a right spirit within me.



  1. Well said, good and faithful servant. I, too, want revival. I, too, am weak and need the full armor of God. I, too, want to serve our Heavenly Father. I pray always for our poor country that has gone astray.

    1. Thank you so much for your encouraging words! God bless!

  2. Very well put!! Thanks for posting this!

  3. Yes yes yes! I live in KY so what's going on troubles me greatly. It's sickening seeing that a country founded on Christian values is now criminalizing Christians for following God's law over man's. You are right, it takes a lot of strength to do what she is doing but an eternity in heaven is worth whatever we have to endure on earth.


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