Wednesday, August 19

welcome to my blog

I will not tell a lie - this is not my first rodeo. I have blogged in the past, but have yet to stick with it long term for one reason or another. I venture to say this time will be different. I have a better understanding of what my goals are and what my expectations will be.

For one, it is not necessary to post several times a week if there is no true solid content worth sharing. I do not want to post for posting's sake; and frankly, my time is limited and sleep is a must.

Secondly, I truly enjoy writing and have always aspired to have one of those blogs. You know the ones I'm referring to... realistic, humorous, real, classy - content you can truly identify with and appreciate.

Lastly, and most importantly in my mind, is that life is but a vapor and my memory is too. I am convinced my brother was born with all of the memory gene and left very little for me. I am incredibly forgetful and desperately want to remember the details. A combination such as that requires actually writing down what I want to remember.

I hope you'll join me as I share my experiences from juggling all the chaos life has to offer while somehow maintaining as much class as possible.

Stay classy through the chaos.

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